Acceptance difference from 1985 to today

Sounds like a lame party…

Those are the only 3 that bigots use. Every time. Now put it in context to other sins mentioned dozens of more times, and you’ll see how idiotic the argument is. Even in those passages, every one of your “examples” can be picked apart easily. And some of the definitions can easily apply to you or me or anyone else. Easily.

3 times.


Paul (who wrote all the above) mentioned a lot of things more than 3 times. So did Jesus.

You know what else Paul said at least 3 times.

Romans 13:1-2
1 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

1 Timothy 2:1-3
1 I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— 2 for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. 3 This is good, and pleases God our Savior,

Titus 3:1
Remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good,

Peter said something similar.

1 Peter 2:13
Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human authority: whether to the emperor, as the supreme authority,

This also came up in the OT quite a bit.

But some don’t seem to care about that.

Often people point to Leviticus where it says homosexuality is an abomination. Here’s a list of other abominations, see if they get the same attention.

1.Unclean things (Lev. 7:21)

2.Customs of pagans (Lev. 18:30)

3.Idols (2 Chr. 15:8; 1 Pet. 4:3)

4.Sins of men (Ps. 14:1; 53:1)

5.Cheating (Mic. 6:10)

6.Lost souls (Rev. 21:8)

  1. Any Idolatrous practices (Dt. 12:31; 13:14; 17:4; 18:9; 20:18; 29:17)

8.A froward man (perverse; one who turns aside (Pro. 3:32; 11:20)

9.A proud look (Pro. 6:16-17)

10.A lying tongue (Pro. 6:17; 12:22)

11.Hands that shed innocent blood ((Pro. 6:17)

12.A wicked scheming heart (Pro. 6:18)

13.Feet that are quick to sin (Pro. 6:18)

14.A false witness that speaks lies (Pro. 6:19)

15.A sower of discord (Pro. 6:19)

16.Wickedness (Pro. 8:7)

17.A false balance or scale (Pro. 11:1)

18.Sacrifices of the wicked (Pro. 15:8; 21:27)

19.The way of the wicked (Pro. 15:9)

20.The thoughts of the wicked (Pro. 15:26)

21.The proud of heart (Pro. 16:5)

22.Justifying the wicked (Pro. 17:15)

23.Condemning the just (Pro. 17:15)

24.Divers, dishonest weights (Pro. 20:10, 23)

25.Divers, dishonest measures (Pro. 20:10)

26.Refusing to hear the law (Pro. 28:9)

27.Prayers of the rebel (Pro. 28:9)

28.Eating flesh of peace offerings on the 3rd day (Lev. 7:18)

29.Homosexuality (Lev. 18:22; 20:13; Dt. 23:18)

30.Taking ornaments from idols when being destroyed (Dt. 7:25-26)

31.Offering an imperfect animal to God as a sacrifice (Dt. 17:1)

32.Any traffic with demons (Dt. 18:7-12)

33.Wearing clothes of the opposite sex (Dt. 22:5)

34.Bringing the hire of a harlot or sodomite into God’s house (Dt. 23:18)

35.Re-marriage of former companions (Dt. 24:1-4)

36.Cheating others (Dt. 25:13-16)

37.Making images/idols (Dt. 27:15)

38.Idols of Ammon (1 Ki. 11:5)

39.Idols of Moab (1 Ki. 11:7; 2 Ki. 11:13)

40.Idols of Zidon (2 Ki. 23:13)

41.Incense offered by hypocrites (Isa. 1:13)

42.Eating unclean things (Isa. 66:17)

43.Offering human sacrifices (Jer. 32:35)

44.Robbery (Ezek. 18: 6-13)

45.Murder (Ezek. 18: 6-13)

46.Adultery (Ezek. 18: 6-13)

47.Oppression of others, particularly the poor or vulnerable (Ezek. 18: 6-13)

48.Violence (Ezek. 18: 6-13)

49.Breaking vows (Ezek. 18: 6-13)

50.Lending with interest to a brother (Ezek. 18: 6-13)

51.Lying with a menstruous woman (Ezek. 18: 6-13)

52.Hardness of heart (Ezek. 18: 6-13)

53.Injustice (Ezek. 18: 6-13)

54.Worship of anti-Christ (Dan. 11:31; 12:11; Mt. 24:15; 2 Th. 2:4; Rev. 13)

55.Incest (Lev. 19: 6-30)

56.Things highly esteemed by man (Lk. 16:15)

57.Many other sins of the nations (Lev. 18: 26-29; Dt. 18: 9-12; 20:18; 29:17; 1 Ki. 14:24; 21:2, 11; 23:24; 2 Chr. 28:3; 33:2; 34:33; 36:14; Ezek. 7: 3-20; 8: 6-17; 16: 2-58; 20: 4-30; Rev. 17: 4-5)

58.Love of money(Jeremiah 8:12, Luke 16:15)

  1. Dishonest Trade(Proverbs 11:1, Deuteronomy 25:13-16, Proverbs 20:23)

(Not sure what happened to #59 from the list)

Agree, Leviticus is usually what gets mentioned. That’s pretty easy to get picked apart though.

And yeah, some clearly don’t care about much of that list.

I am Christian, Lutheran to be specific……but I also know what freedom of religion means….not everyone believes the same thing….
Those with other views should be treated with as much respect as you believe people should treat yours? Correct? Or are yours the only ones that matter?

I saw some of the crap you posted on the old “political “ board……you don’t get to cherry pick the Bible and act righteous about some things but ignore others.




He seems to be the type of person that considers anything that doesn’t fit his belief system to be an attack on his beliefs. Don’t dare say “happy holidays” to him in December. Those are fighting words.

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On a related topic, I just heard that a trans woman has won the Miss Maryland USA pageant.

The Constitution protects Satanism as much as Christianity. Yeah, the Founding Fathers never envisioned this or LGBTQ+, but they didn’t envision automatic rifles, either. Or a country without slavery. Or women voting. The list gets long fairly quickly.

Obergefell v. Hodges was decided only 9 years ago. And Lawrence v. Texas was decided only 21 years ago, when same-sex relations was finally legalized in Texas when SCOTUS threw out the sodomy laws as unconstitutional.


Is it even a big deal?

I can’t remember the last time I watched a Miss America or Universe pageant……

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It’s obviously a big enough deal to make major national network news headlines.

If you say so boss……

The only people that give 1/2 a crap are the people that look for things to be appalled at everyday.

Or they just think it will get them viewers, clicks, etc so they published for that reason more than it being a big deal.

Really could be either, or both.

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Damn… men just keep finding new ways to hold women back…

I’m okay with trans winning female beauty pageants… not okay with them competing against biological females in sports… that’s just silly.

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I pretty much feel the same way.

Who says it’s appalling?

It doesn’t have to be appalling to be a big deal.

Your comprehension has never been a strength for you.

Colonel came out in his obituary.

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