Ace team from acc

We used to host the Bluebonnet Classic every year around the holidays. I would be fine with a similar four-team tournament at the Toyota Center. Most of the big early season tournaments are played at neutral sites. Ideally you would have UH, a major Texas program—Texas, Tech, A&M, or Baylor—and then two marquee or big regional schools: UNC, Duke, Villanova, Gonzaga, Michigan, Purdue, LSU, Arkansas, etc. It would pack the house and help generate local interest in college basketball and UH, plus it should give us two Quadrant 1 games.


Yes, UH and Rice sponsered it I believe…think we played Valpo…could be wrong…

Anybody remember the Kettle Classic?

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I do. I attended it several years during my childhood.

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Yep and Rice wanted nothing to do with playing us LOL! We played the Aggies quite a few times when Guy V. and Shelby Metcalf were good friends…I miss that rivalry…


It’s easy to say what we should or shouldn’t do when we don’t have the financial responsibility. I am sure we are doing what our AD thinks is the most financially advantageous and will continue to do so. I don’t mind playing at NRG in September at all – air conditioning is my friend.