Ace team from acc

Does anyone know when the announcement will be on who it is? I’m guessing it’s not Virginia since they won the championship. Could it be duke or NC or FSU or NC State?

Also do y’all think that Tech would be interested in starting a home and home with us? It can only help us

I think it would help them.

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Beard really didn’t schedule tough outside of conference. He did get Duke on the schedule, but outside of that and the reg season tourney, the schedule is pretty weak. The problem with the Big12 is that they know that their RPI will be fine in conference so they don’t worry too much about out of conference. Big reason we struggle to get any of them on the schedule.

We do have Okie State on the schedule so that might be our one Big12 game next season.


Duke doesn’t play true non conference away games. I would think the ACC game would be against a north carolina school since UH is recruiting kids from there. SO, would be a home and home and Hinton and Mills would get to play a game in Carolina one year. Would love for it to be UNC, don’t want it to be Wake, but NC State would do.

Also, I think Tech would play UH in a home in home. With UH’s success and high RPI/NET ratings the last 2 years it will help UH get a couple more decent teams on the non conference schedule.

Would love to see an early season DH at Toyota Center where UH and another regional team host 2 good teams.


Why at Toyota ? That is NOT a home game. Some kind of tournament… then OK.


UH didn’t pay $60M to play at Toyota


But we did pay $120 million to play at Reliant.


Thought we were getting about a million for that game ?

I would rather play at TDECU, but I will leave the dollar issues up to the administration.

Personally I don’t care for NRG.


We are getting paid to play the game there. Thing is we already had the game on our schedule. We were already going to make money playing it at home. So it’s not about getting paid, it’s about how much more than are paying us than we would have made and if that is worth not using our $120 million stadium and having 95% of the home crowd.

I trust they made the right decision financially.

I have no way of knowing.

a double header at toyota to lure 3 other teams. for example UH vs UNC and LSU/UT/ATM vs Arizona.

Similar to UNC playing a game in Charlotte or Kansas playing a game in KC. Lots of top teams do similar things.

UH will still play their 16-18 games at Fertitta Center

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No thanks. If a team wants to play a game in Houston, Texas, then let them schedule it with HBU, Rice, or UH. Playing HBU or Rice (no disrespect to either or them) probably won’t help a visitor’s RPI. [Yes, I know that RPI isn’t an NCAA cherished thing anymore, but let it be a metaphor for whatever the favored metric du jour is.] But, a game against the Houston Cougars will.

If a school schedules UH, then they will get a game against a great team, coached by a great coach, and played in a great arena. Not only that, but we may very well reciprocate by giving them a home and home. - The point is that UH is no longer in a position where we need to help other schools’ scheduling, revenue, or recruiting by giving them an opportunity to play in the nation’s 4th largest city without having to play us on our own home court.

the point is to play a double header with 4 good teams. it has nothing to do with UH helping other schools. Kansas plays these type of games in Kansas City. It is to get good teams to come to Houston and play in a NBA arena to showcase college basketball. It is technically a neutral site double header.

UH can still get a home and home or two with some great programs.

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Of course Kansas wants to host a double header in KC, - But not in Lawrence, where Kansas is located. Consider that, even including 28,500 KU students as a part of its population, Lawrence is still just the 6th largest city in Kansas. Why would two teams who aren’t actually going to be playing against KU want to come to Lawrence, Kansas to play a game against each other? But, UH is in Houston, Texas; and we don’t need to lure other schools come here to play anyone but us or anywhere other than in the Fertitta Center.

We don’t need “to get good teams to come to Houston and play in a NBA arena to showcase college basketball.”. - Who would benefit from that? Certainly not UH.

Even though a UH alum owns the Houston Rockets, the NBA competes with UH for basketball fans and media attention. Why would UH want to invite other college teams to come bask in the glow of the NBA?

On the other side of the coin what if they start having a big time CBS/ESPN early season double header at Toyota? Chicago, NYC, LA, and others already do this. It is what Kentucky, Duke, and UNC do in Nov and Dec. Wouldn’t we want to be included in that?


I think we need to stop thinking that we compete with the Rockets and the Texans. This city is huge and we can can compliment the pro teams.

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Regarding “… what if they start having a big time CBS/ESPN early season double header at Toyota?” -Who is “they”? UH can’t stop anyone else from having an early season double header at Toyota or in the parking lot of a Kroger store. - But, again, what would be the incentive for UH to sponsor such an event?

If the answer is to participate in a non-post season, multi-team event, perhaps you missed the many iterations of the Cougar Christmas Kettle Classic basketball tournament. However, if the answer is “It is what Kentucky, Duke, and UNC do in Nov and Dec”, then you have to ask, do Kentucky, Duke, and UNC actually sponsor or organize such events? Are these double headers actually played in Kentucky or North Carolina? Or, are Kentucky, Duke, and UNC the “guest stars” who are invited to come travel and participate in these round ball regattas?

Would I like UH to be invited to the such an event? Sure. But, that doesn’t mean that UH needs to create, promote, or foster such hoops hoopla here in Houston.

UH wouldn’t host or promote an event at Toyota center. It would be cool if someone did and there were 4 good teams. If CBS or ESPN televised it would be great for UH. This has nothing to do with how much the Fertitta Center cost or UH is better than this or better than that. Simply a suggestion. It is done in other parts of the country. Withe UH’s status/rankings in college hoops the last couple years I think it would be great to go watch a “neutral site” double header with 4 good teams and one of them UH. That is all.

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I remember in the early 2000’s there was a we played in an event at Compaq Center. I think we played against Texas Tech.

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