Activities to drive NIL Revs

I am one who believes that the Coog NIL initiative needs:

  1. more ‘direction/coordination’ from official sources
  2. more ‘everyday’ donors giving $10-$100/month
  3. fewer NIL ‘platforms’

Here’s a super fabulous way to drive some NIL revs:


Maybe a bake sale in the PGH breezeway?


I honestly think that with sustained success, NIL will not be an issue for UH in a place like Houston. UH is the one major public university in the Houston area and the one major university with meaningful athletics exposure. Small and large businesses will continue to get involved if there is a perceived benefit. We’ve seen the city get behind winning teams at every level.

With that said, coordinated outreach and education never hurts.

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That may be the case for keeping players from transferring with legitimate marketing opportunities, but we are lacking in the bagmen to pay players who have not even put a uniform on yet.

Also did you see this JAYHAWK NIL MERCH. Could just be a company claiming to be NIL, but it sure looks like Kansas has a NIL website selling normal merch.

Houston will be a top 5-10% NIL school when it is all said and done.

We are SOOOOOOO LUCKY to be peaking in the NIL era.


IMO the key to our NIL is with…Tilman. When he is no longer associated as a U of H official he will then be able to have everyone of our players on Houston’s billboards. He has many different brands from restaurants, hotels, casino and countless businesses. This is when it matters when your football and basketball teams do well.
Possibilities are limitless.

Building the brand. Why don’t we have billboards in the burbs? Why don’t we have more UH themed public spaces? Maybe small things like giving gifts like UH license plate frames to graduates so people see the name more often on the road. And, I’ll keep beating the date horse, but improve the areas immediately surrounding the campus so it’s actually a destination for the public instead of just being a place to go to school.

When you build the interest in your school, that increases viewership in your events (like sports), and that increases visibility of ads and marketing campaigns for NIL partners.


All i know is UH looked like a big brand last night…especially compared to Longwood …and 50% of the schools in the Tournament, actually.

We are Goliath…not David. They even called us The Mighty Cougars

I think people forget how big our brand is and we’ve yet to come anywhere close to our ceiling…we are probably still the biggest growth brand in the P4.

I’m serious…we can be a UT version 2.0 (academically and athletically) if we have the right strategic vision for our growth

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You’re talking about our basketball brand. I’m talking about our overall university brand. What gets kids interested in applying to UH? What makes parents want their kids to attend UH? How can we create more T-shirt fans? Pretty every way that we can become more attractive, how can we do it. Yes, as far as basketball goes, we’re in a pretty good spot right now. But if we regress, will our “brand” keep us afloat with NIL and marketing? You think we can be UT 2.0, but if UT missed the tournament, they would still get tons of money. I mean look at their recruits next year. They stole a recruit from us (Nick Codie) in the last minute with money. They did the same with Baylor (Tre Johnson). When it comes to money, I don’t think we can ever be a UT 2.0, but we can be our own thing and with good coaching we can be more successful.

IDK what UT 2.0 is about. Screw them. We need to be “The UofH”. In time we have potential to lead the Big XII into the NIL Era of NCAA.

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tillman already has done nil deals with uh


I did not know that. Which one? I thought he was not allowed dur to his official UH position.


That is news to me. I thought Tilman can’t do NIL while being a UH official.

I think that is something we collectively made up, he may have more scrutiny to keep it above board, but he has done a few small events at a couple of his restaurants nothing major, at least, nothing that is public, and it all seems to be last minute. He did one in Kemah at Cadillac Bar (I think) and one the Aquarium downtown