AD Tenures

Chris Pezman came on board December of 2017. Pez is the 11th UH AD, not counting interims. He’s in the middle of his sixth year.

Hunter Yurachek, John Kasser & Tom Ford were short timers, lasting three years or less. Cedric Dempsey, Bill Carr and Chet Gladchuck were here four years and Rudy Davalos five years. Pez has lasted longer than all of them.

Mack Rhoades was hired June 11, 2009 and left March 8, 2015. Pez’s tenure will exceed Rhoades in September.

Dave Maggard was hired Jan 1, 2002 and left May 11, 2009. Pez will pass his tenure up in two years.

Pez will never catch Harry Fouke at 30+ years, but he’s got a strong chance to be the second longest AD we’ve ever had.


Longer than I realized. So far, what is Pez known for? What has he accomplished as AD?


Some of these ADs were so bad I have a memory block about their time at UH. I am trying to remember if Billy McGillis was ever interim AD at UH. He spent a few years in the athletic department. Anyone remember?

Well pez will have the FOC and soon the rejuvenated AAC. He will also have the B12 invite regardless if it was because of him or Tillman. I think he could be more aggressive with something’s but he isn’t just sitting back on his chair.

I think what Pez brings is stability and a passion for his alma mater.

ADs these days want to career build until they find a spot they like. And that’s fine. But with Pez, I feel he’s at his dream job and so long he continues to improve our athletic facilities and continues elevate our athletic profile, he’ll be just fine for UH.


He will be remembered for finding a way to weasel out of playing Vanderbilt/Boise State, and relacing those schools with two stiffs, to create a cupcake schedule for CDH and then turning around a giving him a ridiculous extension.


Have we gone backwards under his tenure?

Have we stayed the same under his tenure?

Have we moved forward under his tenure?

To describe his tenure, I would say that if he were a QB he’d be a slightly below average Game Manager QB.


Pez had nothing to do with the Big 12 so no credit there.

Fan interaction is probably a D-.

On the sports, he oversees…

Basketball- we’ve definitely moved forward on all fronts but that is more because of CKS

Football- We were hemorrhaging fans last season and the move to the Big 12 won’t fix that immediately. PEZ has NOT taken any risks from a scheduling standpoint. Who cares about 2 for 1 if we get to play vs a high profile opponent?? I know this is a controversial topic but those games energize our fickle fan base. Cincinnati gladly played AT Notre Dame and beat them!

The LSU game was an invitation only game so he did not negotiate that series.

Baseball- big step back

Women’s Basketball- How can we tun the corner?

Women’s Soccer/ Swimming- Anyone?

Track- We appear to be doing well. Are we landing good P5 recruits for our move to the Big 12

Golf- How come we have come anywhere close to our previous stature. We ARE the Bluest Blue Blood in the nation

New Sports- Has he even given an update on new sports…Wrestling? Gymnastics?

I don’t get a lot from Pez and and he has not taken risks.


He lets Tillman be Tillman and goes with the flow - that’s how you survive - question things publicly that’s it for you

other ad’s may would play hardball with Sampson over that contact - he tends to appease

Pez is a chair warmer, the free spot on a Bingo card, the joker taken from every deck of cards. Pez legacy stands for not getting the football stadium game ready two seasons ago. Sound system did not work, video board was glitchy when working. Concessions understaffed. I could go on but my carpal tunnel would kick in.

I can’t believe how negative so many of our posters are. It is sickening.


Truly red80… Do you know how idiotic it reads to blame PEZ for every problem and give someone else credit for every success? While he has been AD, we have taken giant strides in BB, won a NY6 game in FB, joined Big 12, raised a ton of money to significantly improve many aspects of the dept that really needed improving…Khator and Tillman like him, or THEY would have made a change…


You left out the AD after Dempsey. The one during PSJ days.

Kaser, I believe was his name. Perhaps Terry Kaser if memory serves.

Tall, thin, full head of grey hair, could dunk a basketball too.

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Great memory! John Kasser. I don’t remember anything about his tenure.

We are falling into mediocrity in softball, WBB and baseball. That’s for sure.
He seems to be afraid to exercise his leadership/authority and replace those 3 HCs.

Right! 1982-84.

Later AD at Cal where he hired Ben Braun, Tom Holmoe and Steve Mariucci.

Lots of Cal connections. Maggard and Pez worked at Cal before joining UH. Kasser worked at Cal after UH.

Non-revenue sports for the most part, baseball can possibly support itself in the good years. Not sure what the combined salaries and buyouts would be for those coaches and staff, but guessing between 1-1.5 million. New hires would command greater dollars than we are now paying. Raises for Sampson have to come from somewhere. Once we start seeing some b12 revenue, there will be changes for those programs that do not produce.

We would be a fkn powerhouse in gymnastics if we did it. Multiple Olympians have lined up saying they want to lead it.


Women’s gymnastics and either wrestling or men’s lacrosse need to be added.