After 2 years of inactivity, Duke Catalon becomes UH's go-to guy

After 2 years of inactivity, Duke Catalon becomes UH’s go-to guy


great story in the Chron…looking forward to seeing this young man run, and i think other RBs will emerge also…

rick rolled again. Its behind a pay wall.

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Our running game will be even better this year.

CR, use the link from google.’s+go-to+guy

Three biggest takeaways from the article:

“He’s going to be pretty good,” UH coach Tom Herman said of Catalon

“The superlatives are endless,” Herman said.

Herman said Catalon is second to only Ohio State’s Ezekiel Elliott among backs he has coached with a combination of speed, power and athletic ability in the open field.

Thats some hefty praise from CTH!

Yepp remembering his video highlights … once he can break into the secondary … his elusiveness and boosters ignite and its adios see ya later …

reminiscent of the 40 acres Ricky Williams.


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This guy will be the biggest key to this season. If he’s even close to what we think he is, this season will be special. Teams won’t be able to key in on Ward as much, the receivers will be more open, and our offense should be able to control the ball more than it did last season.

With Catalon sitting out two years, he is more mature physically and mentally. He has had two years to beef up and get stronger, so he should be ready to dish out some punishment and withstand some more too.

and we have him for 3 years (hopefully). It just don’t get any better than that


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