After 3 weeks of the college football season

…Here are my conclusions…

The top 10% of the so called P5 schools will actually be in the hunt for 4 playoff spots.

The other 90 % have NO chance, but still a better chance than so called G5 schools !!

The top 10% of so called G5 schools can compete with and usually beat 90% of the
so called P5 schools.

So what is the difference…?? …and it is not new just this year !!

About $30 to $40 million a year per school !!!


Well said and with the possible exception of the “top 10% of G5 schools can compete and usually beat 90%…” i agree.

Navy, Temple and UCF just this week and one conference . . . . .

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And only one week in time when historically, not so much…
I’m glad the AAC did well but admit I would never have bet on them to win and probably won’t in the future until there is more data than 1 week worth of victories.

UH is 8-4 in the CFP era vs. P5. These are schools that receive 5-10 TIMES more TV/Bowl money than us on an annual basis. Is that good? Is that significant?

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Okay… But how about them 2019 UH Cougars tho

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One pundit has Going to Boca Raton. The other has us staying home.

Sure and it will take several more 2019s to bring that record we have built despite all the chips being stacked against us back down to less than respectable. We will get to where we want to be again because we’ve done it before fairly recently in fact.

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