After seeing this season's CB play with the exception of #6 of course

Isaiah Johnson, Alex Myers and Jeremy Winchester were a lot better than people on here gave them credit for.

Especially since Johnson and Myers are in the NFL right now.


Owens was moved all over but I think he’ll do well over the next couple of years at CB

Owens will be back at safety next year. Marcus Jones and Damarion Williams will be the starters, and Kelvin Clemmons will get significant PT as well.

Owens looked like a safety playing cb but I felt he improved the second half of the season.
I can see Javian Smith and D. Williams and Marcus Jones starting and playing the nickel. Then Owens and Clemons backing them up. Will Samuel be playing? Still have Small and Dansby.

The safety will be interesting. Not sure how we are going to use them but I see 8-10 of them who can get on the field and potentially contribute at the 3 spots. Do we know Sprewell is returning? I have heard nothing on him. And seems like we may be adding another as a grad transfer that will rotate with Stuard.
One LB I think people are sleeping on is Kirvin. I think he can be a star and if Anoma is the real deal as coach says we have some real play-makers

Obviously we could have some unexpected attrition, but based on current roster I think this is what our early 2020 defensive depth chart looks like:

BANDIT Payton Turner - Logan Hall
DT Atlias Bell - Jamykal Neal
NG Olivier Charles-Pierre - Chidozie Nwankwo
DE Eyabi Anoma - David Anenih/Derek Parish
WILL Zamar Kirven - Terrance Edgeston
MIKE Donovan Mutin - Jordan Carmouche
NICKEL Grant Stuard - Jordan Moore - Thabo Mwaniki
CB Marcus Jones - Shaun Lewis
FS Gleson Sprewell - Gervarrius Owens
BS Deontay Anderson - Garrison Vaughn
CB Damarion Williams - Kelvin Clemmons

Could possibly see Parish get moved back to LB or even Stuard moved there.

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I expect Hassan Hypolite on the depth chart, if not starting. Not sure the true freshman DL Nwankwo plays more than 4 games as a true frosh unless CDH thinks he’s the next coming of Ed Oliver. As I said in another thread the interior d-line looks thin. If CDH adds any transfers I sure hope it’s on the interior d-line.

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Thats kind of my thoughts. Didn’t have Hypolite on the chart because we are very deep at safety. Interior DL is the most thin position, along with linebacker. Would obviously love to RS Nwankwo, but you cant always redshirt freshmen.

Thabo is classified as a JR. and RS’d this current season. He’ll probably start at nickle due to safety depth and that being his native position.

4star UCLA grad transfer also seating in the wings hoping he gets a medical redshirt, that holgs said they filed

We have three guys at Nickel who I think can play. Moore made some good plays late in the year once he got comfortable in the system. Stuard is one of my favorites, but he just gets lost in coverage so frequently. I almost think putting on some weight and moving down to LB might be good for him. That would leave Moore and Mwaniki at Nickel, which would be great IMO.

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I think Stuard can play LB. I really do. Kind of undersized, but so was Dat Nguyen.


So was E-Rob and the kid from Temple a few years back. He can absolutely, and would probably be All-Conference.

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