Aggie Ejected - With Video

Bush league.

Id hit them in the nuts too for infringing on the Titans trade dress.


Was there a sheep involved?

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To Aggies, that’s an honor…


How could a parent not be proud of the boy?

I cannot defend what the Aggie player did, but the Ole Miss player keeping his head stuck between his thighs while waving his arms, pleading he had not done anything was what started this. Of course, it’s always the retaliation of the one provoked who gets flagged while the instigator walks away. The Ole Miss player deserved a personal foul at minimum IMHO.


Yeah, the cheap Ole Miss player knew exactly what he was doing. Throwing his hands in the air was so stupid.


^^^ This… just now catching wind of this and expected to see something more egregious. Ags reaction was over the top but cmon now, guy put his sack on him lol, big boy lucky it wasnt a direct hit

Big Boy didn’t “put his sack on him”… He bullied him to the ground then did a push-up on him to get up and Gaggie stuck his head between his legs… Typical Gaggie… Looking for something to gag on!

Dude, he’s T-bagging him. I’d have punched his nut sack too.

Eff that guy.


A sheep is always involved. You can go straight to the second thing.

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