Aggie wearing Oilers uniform

If anyone is gonna rep Houston…it should be Houston!

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That would be hilarious; Aggies would burn things down if this actually happened.

This is satire. I’d love to see us wear an Oilers lookalike uniform, though. And honestly, those 1989 throwbacks we wore a couple years ago would basically be it, if we wore a white helmet with them.

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i’m with you! Satire aside, I think an Oilers/UH jersey hybrid would be freakin’ awesome !!

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Also, if you watch the video and JJ explanation of Superman… I don’t think he knows how Superman and kryptonite work…

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Still irritates me that Nashville gets to claim 35 years of Houston history from 1960-1995.

That needs to be addressed by whoever runs the Titans.


Well, at least we have a color in common.


On a side note. I always wondered if it would be a good idea to change our name to the Houston Oilers?

OKAY…I am officially Jealous! Why can’t WE do THAT! We are HOUSTON!

I agree, plus they have a singable fight song we can take too! Our mascot was a product of Washington State, so a change to Oilers makes more sense to me!

No. Houston Oilers is trademarked. Bud Adams took the name with him when he left.


The only time I like our team changing uniforms from the standard home and road jerseys is if it is a special event in which they plan to auction off the uniforms for charity or athletics funding. As far as trademark is concerned, do all the local Oilers teams abuse the trademark, are they granted use or are the exempt as long as they don’t use “Houston Oilers?”

This part was awesome:

If there is anyone who likes attention as much as Jerry Jones it’s Aggies. When the A&M brass heard about the Razorback and Cowboy having sex and making the uniform baby seen above, well, something had to be done.

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I don’t get the whole Oilers, Bum Phillips and A&M, besides that he was their assistant coach for one year.

I’ve never wanted to change the name or have oil derricks on the uniform. But I’ve said for awhile that having an alternate uniform with luv ya blue added to the red and white would be awesome.

As someone who’s younger, the love the Oilers get around here (and in Houston more generally) is pretty confusing to me, especially relative to the hate the Texans get. It’s not like the Oilers – post AFL/NFL merger, at least – were substantially more successful. On average, they made the NFL playoffs* in fits and starts, and it seems like most of the nostalgia for them comes from two coaches (Phillips and Pardee) that totalled 9 years of tenure between them.

I mean, sure, the Texans have an awful logo, uniform, color scheme, and brand identity as a whole (especially relative to the Oilers) but surely that can’t be the only reason, right?

*I’m purposefully excluding the AFL because it’s easier to make it when you’re playing in a league of expansion teams and even on this board most aren’t going to remember those years anyway.

The Oilers were Houston first football team and having them join the NFL legitimized Houston as a big city. That’s why Houstonians loved the Oilers. For you young people, it might be hard to believe but Houston wasn’t that big a city in the 60’s early 70’s.

The difference between the respect the Oilers got and still get vs the Texans is that the Oilers at least played exciting football on both sides of the ball during Phillips, Pardee, yes even Glanville, and Fisher. Some exception years in there, I know, and especially on offense the Texans just can’t seem to get it right. Maybe, Watson, if he survives the sack-a-thon that’s coming his way, can change that.

Back when we were all young and starry eyed we believed that the Houston Oilers were Houston’s team. Then Bud Adams explained the true facts of the business of the NFL. No matter what city name is attached to the team, it belongs to the owner and not the city and can move at any time. Bug out But said “…the Oilers are my team and I can move them anywhere I want.” We have seen the Houston Oilers move to Tennessee, Baltimore Colts move to Indianapolis, Oakland Raiders move to Los Angeles and back to Oakland, The Los Angeles Rams move to St Louis and back, The St. Louis Cardinals move to Arizona, The Cleveland Browns move to Baltimore (Cleveland was allowed to retain the name Browns and was given an expansion team almost immediately), and the San Diego Chargers move to Los Angeles. I believe that in the near future The Raiders are slated to move to Las Vegas. Why should anyone want to invest heart and affections in someone else’s property? The belong to Bob McNair not to me.

Once an Oilers Fan…ALWAYS an Oilers Fan! Houston was known as an Oil City just like Pittsburg is Steel City. I will never like the Texans cheezy Logo. That Bull logo is trash…they should have a cowboy on a horse or a stallion for their logo…not that Bull…