Aggies Forgot Their Jerseys

Aggie jokes write themselves.


I had to check that guy’s profile to believe its real lol

We’ve done this. I recall watching the Coogs play in South Bend wearing ND jerseys during the first half. I think this was while Upchurch played for us

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If I recall correctly they didn’t forget them but their were flight issues because of snowstorm and equipment ended up on different plane that didn’t make it there


Somehow this is going to become a celebrated and solemn tradition at A&M.


That’s a lot of lost bags if they packed the way we did. We put each players warm ups, uniforms, practice clothes and shoes in a bag they were responsible for on the trip.

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The Aggies engineered a better way, obviously. Maybe they were all still in the dryer.

That’s what happened. Remember vividly.

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Doesn’t look so bad since Ags won.
Would have been a real joke had they lost that game.

On a personal note:
My senior year in HS I was set to start against CE King. My pants weren’t in my bin and I packed without out them. Upon suiting up, realizing what happened, I begged Coach to let borrow a pair from the other team. He said hell no. My little brother started in my place and had a hell of game, making the tackle on the opening kickoff.


Nice, the coach takes the blame.

i’d be embarrassed to wear those jerseys too….

Randy you are correct. Sharon and I were there. We played the first half wearing the ND practice jerseys and ours arrived at halftime. At pregame, the youg fans were so confused they were asking for autographs from our players. Just another great story from the road.

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