Air Conditioned Helmets?

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That SEC luxury buy money.

These are actually kind of a terrible idea. If dudes are running around with AC pumped into their helmets, they’re more likely to get dehydrated and/or heat exhausted because their mind will tell them they’re cool, while their bodies are about to pass out.

This happens to sandblasters who wear air-conditioned helmets while working in extremely hot locations - they have to be rigorous about taking regular breaks.


Hate to be “that” nerd but is Homeostasis not a thing anymore ?:nerd_face:

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I’m just personally against putting a lithium-ion battery into a helmet.

I’d rather Houston have a more permanent solution and put a roof on the stadium.


We need AC helmets for Coog fans. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LSU teams have been accused of being soft and this feeds right into that narrative. Who next? Texas?

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Tackle football is already moving towards flag football….I’m all for making the players as safe as possible but AC is a bit ridiculous.

They have AC on the sideline.

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Florida produced Gatorade. Louisiana produced Tigeraire. Can’t wait to see the cajun driving beside the player on a Toro dragging the condensor.


Can’t wait lol


Yep, Florida came out with Gatorade just days before Florida State was going to announce Seminal Fluid.


“Hold on theya…I gotta tro it in REE-verse”

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Maybe some y’all’s brains will finish developing with those things

Its basically a little fan, not a real a/c.

I don’t think this is about their players being too “soft”. I think it’s for recruiting and being able to say that they have this and Bama and others don’t yet.

I feel like say some point in this process the phrase, “Well that money isn’t going to spend itself” can’t up at least once.

Your iphone is having a difficult time translating your voice input

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Football helmets need to be thinner and softer, like the old leather helmets. This would end targeting calls and teach better tackling. Or, go the other way, like the cushion 7 on 7 helmets.

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