Air guns

Alright boys, any air gun aficionados here? If you guys think this stuff is what you can get at your local Walmart. Think again. Let me show you guys what’s out there. These are .177 cal. CO2 air guns. The pistol is full auto.

This is my prized possession. 3000 psi compressed air.

This is what they shoot.

I have something that looks a lot like that first pic of yours, the stainless steel lever action. But mine is chambered in .357.

Nice air rifles for sure. What is your light game, squirrels?

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I am don’t shoot things with these usually me and my son will go out and target practice in the back yard. The .50 cal needs to be out in the country or a range it will make some noise, but zero recoil. Supposedly, it can kill a deer at 50 yards but I’ve never tried.

Do you buy online or a local store? I get all my air guns from

Those are very cool.

Will they take down a deer or a hog at 100 yds? How loud are they?

I think you are right, it’s probably a hog. The .177 cal are not loud at all. The .50 cal sounds like a rifle.

Are they powerful enough for hunting?

Sorry, mine is not an air rifle, it’s a 357 mag Henry lever action. But for reference, I did buy it from a dealer online and had it delivered to a local FFL for transfer/background check.

Barely to no kick, and if I load it with 38 special . . .it’s like shooting a 22lr, absolutely no kick at all.


Lots of YouTube videos of exterminators using it to kill vermin. Like iguanas and rats. Fun to watch. Still have my Daisy pellet gun from when I was a kid, they are all pump though, not the fancy co2 models.


So iguanas are equivalent to rats in some countries… The more you know!

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I am planning on getting the henry, one of these days. I love that old west lever action look.

What’s the FPS on them?

I bought the henry pump action 22, all their guns are nice

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Feet Per Second, i believe.

My kids were big into paintball and they had to have the guns checked before playing so they did not go over a certain FPS.

Yea, in the foreign country of Florida.


Didn’t see the title… I just assumed that shooting iguanas in the USA would be considered animal cruelty…

I’ve heard they’re tasty.

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