Air Raid

Remember the Air Raid? That was fun. This offense is hot garbage.


As the Brits would say - it’s rubbish!

They need to put King in at QB. It’s clear now our offense under Herman was always just basically Greg Ward being awesome. Maybe King can be awesome.


I miss the air raid. Yes there were times we scored too fast and it would tire out our defense but I never felt like we were out of a game. I always felt like we had a chance or time to win.

Maybe they bring in freshman QB Bryson Smith at this point. His red-shirt season might just go away.

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BIG FAN of air raid here. Score and make the clock the other guy’s problem.

But you need SPEED. A couple sub-4.4 guys are needed. We were spoiled by Brile and Sumlin with Avery, Edwards, Marshall, Alridge, Battler, Carrier and others…man we were fast, and fun.


You can say this about any offense.

This team lacks speed; hard to win without it.


True…we are extremely slow footed. Catalon’s run last week has been the only explosive play of the year. Grinding it out every play with no mistakes is a hard way to make a living.

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Well, Briles and Sumlin had a knack for finding guys with speed, Briles in particular. They both understood the disadvatantage of not reeling in big strong elite players and the need to offset them with speedy guys that could run circles around a defense, ANY defense. Much easier to recruit small speed guys.

Briles and Sumlin also understood the need to spread the field to take advantage of a much bigger defense. Just look at all the talent at schools
like UCLA, Texas, LSU, etc and ask yourself why they aren’t winning championships. It’s about understanding how to best utilize those talents. UH has talent, but we’re not going to win many games playing smash mouth football and running a predictable offense, we’re just not. It’s going to take some creative innovative offense or a damn talented QB that can make up for shortcomings to really successful.

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You forgot “mate”. They use that word religiously there.