Three game series beginning 2023. First one in Tampa, next two at Alabama.


Its like the AAC ADs dont understand you do more harm than good with 2 for 1 and the fan base applauds it because its Bama. Idk, i dont think its worth it.


USF doesn’t get it the rest of the ADs do. But USF plays in a pro stadium and has trouble drawing fans. So maybe the rent on the home stadium is duch that playing on the road makes sense.

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2 for 1 with bama is okay…you wont play bama any other way …and beating bama is a program changing kind of move

they have a 2 fror 1 with lousivlle and miami too…those 2 are definitely not okay…those are shameful


And at least they have Alabama scheduled @USF for the first game of the series

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I wonder who will be USF’s coach in 2023. Strong won’t last that long, imo.

Of note:
“Since January, USF has added 14 Power Five foes to its non-conference slate over the next decade”

“We now have 15 games scheduled vs. SEC and ACC opponents in the next 10 years"

We are 0 - 8 against Bama…have they ever played us in Houston??

Yes, in the Dome. Bryant was the coach.

I was there. Close game until late when we were driving for the go ahead TD and they intercepted a pass. I think Mullins was the QB.

I think that was their only visit.

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I’m actually shocked Bama is doing that.

Wonder what USF gets for the games @ Bama ?

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I would take a 2 for 1 deal with Alabama in a heartbeat. There are several other big name teams I would do that with as well. If the difference is playing in Tuscaloosa twice or playing La Tech home and away there is no decision to make.


Agreed. You guys who scoff at 2-1 have an overinflated opinion. It just make the victory on their turf all the sweeter.


the typical arrangement in college football is the home team keeps all the generated income from the game. In this 2 for 1 arrangement, USF will keep the money generated by the 1 game and Alabama will keep all the money generated by 2 games.

All these two for one deals by USF starts to add up to nasty road schedules down the line.

2022 at Florida, at Louisville
2025 at Florida, at Miami
2026 at Alabama, at Louisville

From 2019 through 2026 so far, they play two P5 teams on the road 3 different years and 2024 is the only year they get 2 P5s at home NC State and Louisville.

Guys like Bear will take those deals in a heart beat then if the AAC schools go 12-24 in those games over 5 years, he will say “see the AAC sucks compared to all P5 conferences.”


It amazes me that there are a few folks on here that want to be a big boy football program and want to “negotiate” with other big boys like we have a seat at the grown up table. Look around, we are not quite at the grown up table and we have a stadium that at best has the minimum capacity to host a big boy program. (Hint) We probably won’t play a big boy on campus so it won’t be a true home game anyway.
Some shaggy folks on here think we are dealing from a position of strength when that is not the case. Is it fair that a 2 for 1 series may be the best we can do? No, but life ain’t fair.
Some shaggy folks want to talk a big story about playing the big boys as if there isn’t a chance we could get beat. If in fact we do get beaten by a big boy it would suggest that at least on that given day, our team which represents our conference was not as good as the opponent. When and if that happens, yes, I will say our team and therefore our conference is not as good as the big boy conference. I will continue to hope that we schedule 2 for 1 games and win them so we can negotiate a better deal and get out of our crap conference. When and if we play big boys, and beat the big boys I will say we have arrived, deserve a seat at the big boy table and more importantly are worthy of getting out of this crap conference. Some shaggy folks won’t understand that and will prefer to say what someone else will think without having a clue themselves. History repeats itself, again…

Who knows if Saban will be there or retired before they play all 3 games.

Only some of the boys at the big boy table are actually bigs. What this AAC hater doesn’t get or would never admit is that the top 1/3rd in the AAC is better than the bottom 1/3rd in the P5 and already belong. You don’t get an invite by being the whipping boy. TCU and Utah weren’t playing 2 for 1 deals before joining P5 conferences. They were dominating the G5, beating P5s on their schedule and forcing themselves into the national spotlight. Once you sign a single team to 2 for 1s, all the other P5s think they deserve the same. Hence the problem USF will have for years to come. We have plenty of P5 one and ones schedule. We don’t have to prove we can beat the best of the P5 in situations that other P5s don’t win. We have to prove we can win our fair share against P5 in fair conditions and that we can bring fans and revenue with us.


What I would like UH to start doing is trying to get its name out there in classic kickoffs like the Chick Fil A Kickoff in Atlanta, the Belk Kickoff in Charlotte, or the Advocare Kickoff in Arlington with a big name football program every couple of years, like they have done with the NRG classic here with OU and Wazzu. I know it may take a few great years like 2015 for it to happen or it may never happen at all but it would be fun roadies and chances to beat one of the “big boys” at a neutral location.

It is like saying I will not sleep with anyone that is not an NFL cheerleader. It sounds good in theory, but since there is zero interest from NFL cheerleaders, it really does not matter. We can say, but but TCU and Utah…but that was 10 years ago. A lot has changed in media rights and money since then. While we wait around for NFL cheerleaders that are not calling us, USF is sleeping with anyone that will buy them a drink, and that is a solid plan while we play Prairie view and the occasional Big Program at Reliant Stadium.

I would rather schedule 2 for 1s with any P5 teams, preferably lower tier big 12 and SEC since we are in their footprint, then ever travel to UTSA again.


We don’t travel well so bringing revenue is not a given therefore we better play even the bottom half of the big boys AND win. Blowing out the likes of Prairie View and TSU impresses no one and we don’t have the skins on the wall like the big boys do to get away with it

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