Alabama vs Auburn

Auburn already up 10-0 and has the ball again

Bill O’Brien strikes again!


Hey…Bama has BOB !

The Saturday after Thanksgiving I am a huge Auburn fan


It’s a shame he’s in the booth and isn’t on the sideline so Saban can give him a classic ass chewing a la Kiffin

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Auburn left the door open for Bama. Bama will do what they do.

O’Brien. Lol. Dude is a joke.

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Auburn shut Bama down on a 4th and 2 at the Auburn 40.

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Yjen Bama intercepts on their 40… lotsa time left

Auburn is going to choke this game away

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I am not a alabama hater but I do abhor the injustice that they think they belong in the playoff. Pure politics and favoritism.


One of the two announcers said that he thinks if they beat Georgia for the SEC title, they should be in…

Grats BOB. When was the last time Bama went an entire game without a TD


Wasn’t there a game against LSU with like all field goals??? wasn’t the final score like 21 to 9 or something??



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I think it was like 9-6 or something like that.

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haha, my memory is awful, lol

Not over until the phat lady sings

Im afraid to turn on the game, I don’t want to jinx it

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