@ Alabama

This would be a huge win on the road.

They play Gonzaga right before us then Memphis right after us. Not a 3 game stretch I would want. I think our game in between the other two helps our chances.

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Alabama’s loss to Iona hurts them some, but if they play well at Gonzaga, then that will be a plus.

Looks like Gonzaga will play anyone, anywhere, to prove they are the best squad in the country .

They almost played us last year on short notice.


It is better to prove you are the best in March and April like Baylor did last year…


Ill be at the game in 'Bama!

Gonzaga’s schedule is absolutely monstrous. They win this out, idc if they get upset in the first round of the dance. They DESERVE a #1 spot.

Zags just lost to Duke in a pretty good game.


It wouldn’t be unexpected for us to lose this game, but man, I really want to win this one in the land of my forbears.

Duke with all the 5 stars barely beat gonza

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We can stand with any team on any given game once we get there if we are healthy. Things have to go your way sometimes for any team to get there.

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