When will Ale get a chance smith ain’t cutting it.

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Need a few ales, a lager and a stout.


When we’re up by 20. :roll_eyes:

Good thing you aren’t coach


Ale will be a better player than smith, book it

Smith completed something like 17 in a row!


No he won’t.

Over the last two games, Smith has 589 passing yards with EIGHT TD passes and ZERO INTs.

Anyone here who thinks that any backup is going to take his place, given that, is a moron.


Sweet 16.

Any QB that can only complete 77 percent of his passes needs to find another position . . . . .

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We will see

Smith completed 16 passes in a row, the last one was for a winning touchdown. I’m not sure what ‘not cutting it’ is for you, but his performance was PFG from where I sat.

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I know how it ended, but the entire crowd was calling for a change at half time. Yes I know the average fan doesn’t know squat about football.