All contoversy aside, I can't wait for next season. It's gonna be a big one!

It’s a new era for us that’s for sure!


I know that is right! New indoor facility, an ops building in the books,the Fertitta Center for basketball and so much more. I am happy for the current and future students. Sucks that some of us are not students to live it everyday, but we did are part to build its reputation and legacy. Proud Coog!

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I am looking forward to next season; but I’m still enjoying basketball this season.


For that matter, I’m going to be enjoying BOTH this basketball season, AND the upcoming baseball season!

But yes, I’m psyched about football 2018 as well!


Completely agree with the title of this thread. After last season’s lull, I said, sadly, what a difference a year can make. And, again, I say what a difference a year will make about next season, only this time, with a lot of joy.