All of AAC unbeaten teams should be top 25

this will be a good week for AAC teams with Cin, and USF, to be in the top 25. May be
Houston may join.

With the ranked teams that lost, both USF and Cincy “should” be ranked.

Hoping we get a few votes because of the Thursday night ESPN exposure.

One of the teams should make it to the New Year day bowl. Boise State lost today.


A win over USF will put is 25-29

Yes Bosie St lost to San Diego State, which has only 1 lost. Don’t overlook them.

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I think we get votes. One of USF or Cincy make sneek in, but I doubt both do.

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If you think we’re getting votes, your dillusional.

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Only three teams will drop out so both won’t make it in.

I possess two illusions?


If you only operate with two, that’s better than most can say

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Boise lost, Mic state, lost, OK state lost, Syracuse lost and was high in vote. Maybe
Vir tech, and Auburn.

I only like to predict the top 15 because I’m too lazy to dig through all the teams getting votes to see how they did. For example, A&M was not that far behind Cincy in votes. If they beat Kentucky, they might leap frog Cincy since A&M’s two losses are to the top 2 teams in the country and the only P5 Cincy has beaten (UCLA) is on their way to 0-5.

Soon as I hit enter UCLA scores to get within a TD with one quarter to go. Hopefully I jinxed Washington.