All-time Sampson Era Coogs team

C – Josh Carlton
PF – Fabian White
SF – Quentin Grimes
SG – Rob Gray
PG – Marcus Sasser

PF/C – J’Wan Roberts, Devin Davis, Justin Gorham
SF/SG – Corey Davis, Armoni Brooks
PG – Jamal Shead, DeJon Jarreau

Just missed the cut: Devonta Pollard, Galen Robinson, Kyler Edwards, Nate Hinton

Thoughts? Anyone else I’m leaving off?

$head is the best PG


Shead is a starter.


That’s not what Sampson would start


Wouldn’t Quentin be a SG?

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Shead is the starting PG and it isn’t close. He started last year with Sasser. Not sure why he wouldn’t in this line up.

Sasser is the 2. Grimes is also a 2 and likely backs up Sasser. I guess you could assume a 3 guard lineup and start both.


…because you have to figure in Rob Gray, who might still be the best player of the era and whose eligibility ran out way too soon!

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Rob Gray isn’t the best player of the Sampson era. He’s on the bench in this group.


Not a chance…you need to go back and watch him again. If your memory is that short, you probably have no business commenting on this topic.

Lol, if you don’t think Shead is the starting PG of the Sampson era, you’re the one that’s lost in this convo.

The game is more than offense and scoring.


Shead’s on the team…no doubt he is…but with Grimes, Gray and Sasser, there’s no room in the starting lineup for Jamal. It’s like picking three between Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren, Farah Fawcett and Christie Brinkley…someone is gonna have to sit!

Shead starts if you’re playing a basketball game. If you’re trying to fill a stat sheet, maybe not.


Gray’s defense is the worst of the lot; therefore, considering what Sampson values most, he would be coming off the bench as a scoring boost.


Shead - Sasser - Dotson - White - Carlton

Next best 5: Robinson - Gray - Grimes - Gorham - Walker

Third best lineup: Jarreau - C.
Davis - Brooks ,- Devin Davis - Jwan Roberts

Honorable Mentions: Brison, Mark, Chris Harris, Stiggers, Hinton, Breaon Brady, Leron Barnes, Chicken

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Yeah, we have to account for Dotson and Galen.

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Well, if we’re picking ‘teams’ and trying to find specific roles and strengths for those role players that make up that team, half these guys would probably get taken off…but that’s not what I’m doing here. It’s a beauty contest list, as most teams like this are. I basically went and picked the most accomplished player at each position of the era. You could argue Roberts over Carlton, I guess. But Carlton made a pretty huge impact in his short time here and might be the only ‘true’ center we’ve had since Sampson’s arrival.

This is how I’d do it


  1. Shead
  2. Sasser
  3. Grimes
  4. Fabian
  5. Carlton


  1. Galen
  2. Corey
  3. Jarreau
  4. Gorham
  5. Roberts

Edit: actually I think I’m going Nate at the 3 off the bench


Dotson’s a good candidate…now you’re finally starting to make some sense!

You’re basing this on offense and scoring while ignoring defense and team.

That’s fine but call it what it is. The game is far more than offensive stats, especially in a Kelvin Sampson program.


That makes one of us.

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