Almost embarassing; we haven't won a game since 1984

Really hard to believe Cougar believers that its been soooo many years since a victory. H go Red! (better than M go Blue!)


That’s all in the past. Don’t fret the past, enjoy the moment!

I think Sampson will make us a Big Dance regular – can I say there’s another final four and maybe championship in our future? Maybe not this year but not too far down the road.

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Not exactly sure what you mean by “Almost Embarrassing”.

It wasn’t “Almost Embarrassing”.

It was “Embarrassing”

Particularly in the Month of March. For 34 years we had to live with this.

If you were a good coog, during the month of March for 34 years you could not go to the local barbershop, could not get a beer at a bar, could not join the March Madness pool at the office without being embarrassed.

All we had was memories of a bygone day.

And we had to live with the video of Valvano in 83, and that ridiculous smile of Ewing in 84.

Thank the good Lord, it is over!


It’s not embarrassing, it’s just a fact that has now been erased and replaced by 3/15/18.

Go Coogs!

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It’s in the past now.

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We did have the exploits of Akeem for years with the rockets. Most memorable for me was when he took Shaq to school in the playoffs . . . . .

The (NCAA) still open the tournament with that NC State loss…

Well we have new memories now. In addition we have proof that nothing lasts forever (both good and bad),

As Coach Sampson says there is a commitment from the administration. Therefore we will be good to potentially national championship caliber as long as there is a commitment. The 90’s proved that even blue blood programs like Houston can fall apart once the commitment is no longer there.

When I walked out of the Kingdome after the championship game loss to Georgetown in 1984, if you’d told me we wouldn’t win another tournament game for 34 years…well, I never would have believed it.
How sweet to be back in the winner’s circle in the dance! Go Coogs!

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Agreed…look no further than Georgetown and Indiana University…throw UNLV in there as well…Blue Blood national teams no longer dominant!

Gray scored 21 of Houston’s 28 second half points. Afterwards, he was understandably ebullient, saying “this is what I love for.”

Don’t we all.