Alright get out your hankies and kleenex ... this one is a

REAL tear jerker … LINK

Grobe boohooing his job as cleaner restorer uplifter for that down and out football program everyone apparently should feel sorry for.

Well it would seem the cubbies admin doesn’t feel the same because they have figuratively parked a moving van in front of his temp address with the hiring of Rhodes … like the Vols did to Johnny Majors many years ago.

Grobe should spend less time crying us a river and more time actually winning some games.

AND as usual the lame writer couldn’t help getting a dig in about MR’s hiring is really going after CTH.

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“Grobe and Briles are friends. The coaches and their wives spent time together during sponsored retreats and shared many of the same values” So maybe Grobe is cool with rape too.

““When I came in, I just felt a sadness on the coaches’ part and on the players’ part. That’s probably the best way to term it,” Grobe said. “They were disappointed that this had happened to coach Briles and there were so many negative things being written and said about Baylor’s football program.”

Disappointed about what happened to their coach. Rape? Not so much.

Wow, the media is already trying to spin the redemption storyline at Baylor…and yet, they still haven’t released a written report and still employ all the assistant coaches. Wonder how much money Baylor boosters are throwing around?

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