Alternative Energy Discussion (Moved from Disturbance in the force discussion)

Insurance rates for solar gonna go up


Solar can be good. Where the Sun shines a high % of the time.

In some States it does not shine most of the time. For example Nebraska just lost a 14,000 unit Solar Panel unit to a hail storm.

Our area is right at 30% electricity from Solar. Snow storms, hail storms? Not so much. In past year we had 1 snow day and a 5 minute hail storm.

In So Padre. There’s a windmill farm next to Laguna Vista with about 30 windmills. At least 10 aren’t working. If guvmint gives special deals for windmills then they ought to enforce operational effectiveness during high demand periods


Obviously its too darned hot for workers to go outside and plug in those 10 windmills!

Wind and solar energy saved Texans $11 billion in 2022 – pv magazine USA.

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“At the peak hour on Tuesday, wind and solar provided about 35% of the power in ERCOT versus 44% from gas, 14% from coal and 6% from nuclear.”

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There was a point yesterday when wind and solar was providing more
than natural gas and coal combined. About 47%.

I’m also happy to see we have Power Storage on the grid too. It’s small at this point in time,
but should be fun to see how it’s capacity grows.


Dude, half of Texas is closer to the equator than Arizona.

So does the Sun shine in that 1/2 of the State at a high rate?

If so, Solar would work. In East Texas it would work less.

Does that help you understand the point?

There are thousands of acres of solar farms in Fort Bend County already, with more planned or under construction.

According to the map in this story (Texas leaders have turned against renewable energy to boost fossil fuels | The Texas Tribune) there are approximately 1800 MW of solar capacity in Ft Bend and Brazoria Counties. According to ERCOT, 1 MW serves 200 homes at peak demand. So we’ve got enough solar to serve 360,000 homes at times of peak demand just in those two suburban counties alone.

Other statistics I’ve seen are that 1 MW can serve up to 1,000 homes, so on sunny springtime days, those two counties could serve up to 1.8 million homes.

Fort Bend County also has one of the worst polluting coal power plants in the country. Anything that helps reduce that coal pollution is a good thing. Sierra Club calls Parish plant one of the 'deadliest' in the U.S. in new report