Alumni license plate frame

My Alumni license plate frame broke. I can not find one in our own book store shop. I want to get it from “us” so a proceed of the money goes back to “us”. Does anybody have an idea? Thank you much.

Found these online from the UH official store

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My life member frame had faded, called them up they sent me a new one and a whole box of stuff. Kristyn is Awesome!


are you a life member?

Maybe reach out to the alumni office for a replacement? try here

That’s funny cuz one time I called the Alumni Assoc, explained I was life member and bought a new car and wanted to replace the Life Member sticker on my car. They told me to go to the bookstore-they have lots of stickers.
So no longer do I promote the Alumni Assoc membership on the back of my car. My UH plates demonstrate my loyalty to CoogVille.

This is a good one , maybe go in the store first and we bought 2 or go online

I paid for my wife’s lifetime membership (she’s not an alumni) and have an extra one, new. PM me you can have it.

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All of you are COOGS AWESOME

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Even if you don’t buy it from UH some of the money goes back to UH as long as it has the officially licensed sticker on it.