Alumnus Donates First Library to Petroleum Engineering Department

Most notably to Filler, vice president and project coordinator at Ryder Scott Company in Houston, was the relaunch of the Cullen College’s petroleum engineering bachelor’s program in 2009. With support from Ryder Scott and a swath of top energy companies across the region, enrollment in the program exploded to over 900 students by 2014.

As the fledgling program continued to soar, earning ABET accreditation in 2015, Filler said he felt compelled to give back to the college that opened up so many doors in his career.

“I earned my master’s degree in petroleum engineering from UH in May of 1986, and I still credit that degree for allowing me to keep my job during those years,” says Filler, recounting the oil bust of the 1980s that put thousands of Houstonians out of work and drove hordes of companies out of business.

Finding that his education was a gift that kept giving to him over the course of his career, Filler saw a fitting gift for up-and-coming petroleum engineering students at UH – more than 200 of them, in fact, all lining the shelves of his office walls.

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I assume we are going to need a medical library too.