Alums-Former Players

I can recognize Hayes. Can any one tell me all the names that were in that Pic on Sunday?


Can someone post the pic for reference?

Gray, Vanbeck, D. Davis & Zanna - Houston vs UCONN, Sunday at 3 pm (W 81-71)

Lanny Smith in “blessed” sweatshirt. Is that McLean on the fart left? That’s all I got.

Where is Don Chaney these days?


The guy in the front row 4th from the right in the red button down is Bernie Kapner. He went to San Jacinto High School with my dad. Played for the Coogs from 1956 - 1959. I think he still holds the career free throw percentage record for UH.


I see Willie Byrd and Tim Moore in the back row and I think thats Anthony Goldwire in the front row.

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Adrian Taylor in middle back?

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Yes, and I think that’s Galen next to him. Older guy next to Bernie is Jack Thompson, played in late 50s-early 60s. Craig Upchurch is in the gray shirt on the back row.

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Is that Byron Smith in the back row next to Upchurch? PVA&M played at Southern on Saturday so I guess he could have made it back into town by Sunday for the game.

That’s who I’m thinking. Loved Byron as a player, not so much since

He’s been a little better as of late.

Byron has come back for a lot of stuff. i think that’s really cool of him.

What, hasn’t hired Jolanda to sue the school again?

Howie Lorch, near left end of front row w/ red shirt

No, he seems to have calmed down now that he’s a legit coach.