Amazon and ESPN?

The volleyball game is pretty good.

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I tuned in because I’m Coog sports starved but have stayed tuned because the action is pretty exciting.


Infuriating that I can’t get game full screen on phone, espn+

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VB team plays like the men’s basketball team. Reggie would be proud!


Maybe. However, currently, you can get a base package from Directv Stream for $80/mth with about 90 channels, including ESPN and your local channels. Why would someone pay $35/mth just for ESPN? If, as someone said, it included Disney Plus, ESPN plus, and hulu, then it may be worth it. But ESPN alone? No thanks.

The real issue here is between the cable companies and the content providers (i.e., the Networks). The networks want to keep raising carriage fees, but the Cable Companies are resistant because they see that subscribers have a price point at which they will cancel.

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