Amazon and ESPN?

This is interesting. Would seem to eliminate some bidding competition going forward.

$35/month? I’m out.


So Amazon would take on ESPN+? Doesn’t sound like it is “buying” ESPN as I’ve seen elsewhere

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Most of what is written is Apple is interested in a minority stake in ESPN. ESPN is looking for a partner. Everything else is speculation.

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Coogs score a td and a sale ad pops up to buy some shoes. Click here and theyll be here before the game is over.

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$20 to $35 a month? That’s ridiculous. I would hope though that this is all of ESPN content and not just ESPN+.

Amazon knows how to thread the line of monopolies and absurd subscriber prices.

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It better come bundled with ESPN, Disney, Hulu, etc.

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I thought Apple was buying Disney and ESPN. A bidding war? The PAC survives! :grinning:

As fewer people have cable, dish, etc., the carriage fees won’t be enough in the future. Lots of fans would happily pay for the regular ESPN stations without having to sign up with a carrier where they currently get HGTV and Hallmark Movie Channel. That’s the take on why ESPN is selling a stake in its business.

If it is bundled with the entire Disney, hulu, ESPN+ package, people might pay it, but not for just ESPN.

I do have a question on the technical side, if anyone knows.

Is it possible to stream ESPN+ or Disney directly from an iPhone to an Apple compatible TV, like a new Sony, without having home internet or wifi? if so how has it worked for you?

You need to have some sort of internet access. Even if it’s wi-fi at home, you have to have something providing that access. Your iPhone will probably have some type of data plan that will allow you to stream on it. I can’t speak for the Apple compatible TV, but as mentioned earlier, you need to have some source for your data (streaming) capabilities.

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Nope not paying, I’ll pass

Ok. My mother has Disney on her iphone (with data). So she can watch it there, but was trying to see if there was a way for her to send it to her TV for a larger screen option…

I don’t think there would be a way to do it wirelessly without Wi-Fi and internet.

However she can do it wired.

Apple Lightning to HDMI Adapter, Digital AV Audio Dongle, 1080P Sync Screen Cable for iPhone, iPad, iPod to TV/Projector/Monitor, MFi Certified Video Converter

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Eventually everything will be a la carte like we’ve always imagined. The problem is it will be priced on an algorithm that is based on some kind of “intensity” index.

You’ll get a chance to watch OU-Texas for $60 or, if that doesn’t blow your dress up, McNeese and Southern Miss for 32 cents.

I can actually see it where you pay a pro-rated amt as the game goes on. If OU is winning 35-14 in the second quarter the price drops to 4.95 to tune in.

Its coming. And it will be a libertarian’s dream.


I bet she can screen share it to her tv.

Speaking of ESPN+. Have to remember to go to B12 section to watch UH games now. Feels good!


We have Samsung phones and TV’s. We can share what’s on a phone or table with the television. I’ll bet you can do the same. Look for sharing or casting on the iPhone.

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