American Athletic Conference football predictions for 2018

Basically says the West will come down to that last game between Houston and Memphis. They’re picking Memphis.

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I’ll take it. It is always good to have a chip.

I don’t blame the prognosticators, Memphis is at home. I wish we had got them earlier in the year before their new QB and new WRs have to time to gel. Oh well… If you want to be the best in the West, you got to beat the best.


At their best.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend, anybody planning to go? I am.

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Yes I’ve said it before the way things are currently we have a better chance at division on odd years when we get Navy at home toward the end of the year and Memphis at home toward the middle. Navy tends to wear down as the year goes on. On even years we have to play both on the road. Hard to beat any good team on the road in late November.


You always hear/read it but to be the best we have to beat the best. It does not matter who we play. We stay focused on all aspects of our game and we will be fine. What matters friends is our first game against rice. Everything else is pure guessing. No one knows how these or our Team will be then. I am looking for basic fundamentals, clear executions & score as many points as possible. Our defense is on paper strong. This is an excellent opportunity to make a National statement.


If the AAC championship berth comes down to that game, we fans need to show up in Memphis full force.


Brad, they need to show up for every game. Every game should be a sell out. This has to be a message sold to everyone. We are at a cross road. The new media rights are around the corner. Now is the time to impress with sell outs and solid wins. We can’t have anything else. This effort has to be from our fans and our ticket office/marketing.

Don’t we need time to jell also ?

Won’t our squad have time to gel more as well?

I like that we’re ending the season with them. Bring it!!!

That’s a lot of crap for a typo !! ass!!!

Haha. Sorry man. I just realized what you meant. I thought you were correcting a typo for me. I will delete previous message.

Well, I know this may sound trite, and hope always springs eternal, but I still think that we have a really good shot at another magical season. I said this two months ago, before key transfers were added (RB, CB, LB)…
Great seasons ALWAYS come down to HUGE games down the stretch. And those games come down to coaching and character. It seems to me that we have a great locker room with great leadership, and IMO, Coach Applewhite is going to really shine this year.
Let’s start by beating those Rat Bastards over at Rice, who made us play our home games in Rice Stadium our first year in the SWC…

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No worries…I actually enjoy all the banter.

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Rice did not make UH play all home conference games at Rice the first year.

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I’ve not seen any billboards around Houston for a couple of years now . . . . .

90% of the game is half mental. We have the physical tools to win every game. If CMA and staff can get this team’s “mind” right, I think they can run the table


Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Lol we were all thinking it

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