American Athletic Conference Partners With ACC On Football Officiating Alliance

Football makes it official. Similar to the deal we have in basketball where we share refs with the SEC and Atlantic Sun Conferences.

The American Athletic Conference has partnered with the Atlantic Coast Conference on a football officiating alliance that will allow both leagues to work together on a wide range of officiating matters, including scheduling, training, development, recruitment, retention and evaluation.

The alliance, effective immediately, will be administered by Dennis Hennigan, the ACC’s Supervisor of Football Officials, who will manage the assignment, hiring and training of game officials. The American will name its own Supervisor of Football Officials, who will be responsible for the weekly evaluation of officials for the conference and will be the primary point person between the conference and its 12 head football coaches.

I was hoping that when we moved from C-USA to AAC that we would get an upgrade in officiating. I think all we got was lousy officials in better shape.

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AAC football officials have repeatedly shown a lack of competence, and that’s not just in reference to UH games. That is one area that has been a downgrade since leaving C-USA. I could complain about how they officiate basketball as well.

I’m sure this won’t end up with the best officials from both conferences only working ACC games.

I’m still trying to figure out why the author of that piece was so concerned about Platt having ACC ties. I get we’re partnering with them, but what does that mean for the American.