American Athletic Conference venue security a key topic at spring meetings this week

“…Our rights fee is fairly modest right now and there’s a lot of room for growth there, but we’re providing this really valuable product. When you provide 17 or 18 or 19 Thursday, Friday games of the quality we provide as well as the other things we do, I think we’ll be attractive.

The conference needed better venue security last year to keep the Big 12 from stealing coaches.


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The league focused on updating members on its goals for new television contract negotiations and discussed how to implement its plan to be viewed as a member of the Power 6, joining the current group known as the Power 5 — the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12, SEC and independent Notre Dame.

Administrators voted to implement the Power 5 leagues’ new structure limiting time demands for athletes participating in sports-related activities.

More basketball related, but there’s some interesting tidbits. First off, I’d love the tourney in OKC.

“There was very positive discussion about giving it a test run for a year or two where it’s more accessible for institutions to drive,” Boatright said. “There was nothing voted on, nothing specific. Oklahoma City was discussed directly. Tulsa came up a time or two.”

The American is looking at its multi-media options in advance of 2020, when its TV contract with ESPN ends. It appears all options are on the table, including digital companies such as Amazon or Netflix, should they decide live sports makes sense.

Bardo and Boatright discussed a support swap, perhaps a marketing push or social media campaign, with the Navy administrators.

The American adopted a graduate transfer policy that allows an athlete to start a career at an AAC school, transfer out of the conference and return to another conference school as a graduate transfer.

Jerry Palm of told the athletic directors and coaches that the American’s 18-game schedule for men’s basketball and 16 for women’s basketball makes sense for RPI rankings.