An interesting article from an OkSt fan/writer


Okay its been slow waiting for the news but here is an article that has gem within coming from a school who apparently doesn’t support UH for the Big12.

States the usual about going to the SEC and the Big12 being on a death watch if it doesn’t expand beyond 10

But he does note this … unusual for a poke fan and writer.

The most logical team in the long list of candidates is not BYU. It’s Houston. If we’re looking specifically at what a school brings to the conference on the football field and its’ relative location to the rest of the conference, then Houston is a no-brainer. This won’t, and shouldn’t, ever happen though. Houston brings nothing to the table except for a decent football team.

:joy: Aah, the delusions of grandeur that some in the Big 12 have. On one hand, he mentions that no one except OU/UT will make the playoff without going undefeated and that the conference is a “joke” to most outsiders.

On the other, he mentions that the best candidate shouldn’t be added and then thinks his school, one of the ones that has to go undefeated and is thereby dragging the conference down to “joke” status, will get an invite to the SEC. Something don’t add up there.

And Houston brings nothing to the conference. A conference with OSU and its high and mighty academic tradition and long excellence across the board in athletics. :joy:

Wow, so this OSU fan is comfortable to being relegated to the bottom of any SEC division, because that is exactly what will happen if they go SEC. They will NEVER win a division championship, much less a conference championship. Yeah, they’ll be in the best conference, but how many winning seasons will they have?!

not that I’m an OSU fan, but they do have a history of excellence in athletics. They have the fourth most national championships across all sports. Don’t misconstrue this as me saying they deserve to get in anywhere. I’m simply saying they do a lot of history across the board in athletics.

“brings nothing to the table” is a dog whistle for “I don’t like them”

You can like or dislike UH all you want but at least be honest about it

I do take it back. You are correct. Forgot that they were a wrestling power and that the wrestling HOF is there on campus.

NCAA Championships: 51
Wrestling: 34
Golf: 10
Basketball: 2 (1945 and 1946)
Baseball: 1 (1959)
Cross Country: 4 (1954, 2009, 2010, 2012)

lol… The guys still butt hurt from Case and the Coogs!

They were replaying that 2009 game in Stillwater on one of the Fox Sports channels a couple of weeks back. It was magical to see a young Case just tear them a new one. It was also a sort of meltdown on OkieState’s part too. Either way, it was epic. lol! Go Coogs!

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Okie State and OU are schools that have lived (and sometimes died) off the Texas high school football tit. Pokes are just afraid that with UH in the same conference as them that tap may slow to a drip as Coogs gobble up the better recruits.

Plenty of great high school Texas talent to go around.

I think what scares schools like OSU is that UH will keep some 4 star type players home that would normally go to TCU/OSU/Ole Miss/Oregon type schools.

Schools like OU and UT will get who they want usually.

Another thing the OkSU/KSU/ISU types are afraid of is letting UH in the Big 12, watching UH really take off, and then watching a much more attractive UH move to a “better” conference and leave them having to go to a G5/6/7 in the future.

Mike Gundy doesn’t seem happy about Houston possibly joining the Big 12 either:

A coach afraid to compete…sad.

This is all about recruits as I have said before. He/they are not against UH per se they don’t want to recruit against another Texas school for obvious reasons. Let’s at least have back to back great seasons before we get too big for our britches. I remember all the talk about tearing up cusa. UH lost to uconn because they were out coached no other reason. I want my alma mater to be successful, but I’m waiting to see how the coach does under some adversity. Yes they lost a few offensive linemen last year, but they had some luck too as stated by others.

Yes, let’s wait forever to toot our own horn. Bad take. We are ready. I’m sorry you are not.

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