Analysis shows UH would consistently be at the bottom of the Big 12

…by elevation.

And this has absolute what to do with the price of tea in China??!!

Sea elevation … eh … those boards seem to have nothing productive to do it would seem.

I would seriously doubt Houston would be at the bottom of the Big 12. Give us a few years to recruit and Houston will compete just like it did when it first joined the SWC. If we can beat OU or at least keep the game close would speak volumes.

Relax Coog_Fan… they LITERALLY mean by feet above sea level.

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It’s a humorous post guys. The folks at Reddit are sick of the subject too. A bit unhinged at the idea of UH in the b12 but also sick of all the analysis.

You must have forgotten, half this board does not understand or appreciate sarcasm.


As long as Gundy and Dimel read and think it’s true, I’m good.

Reddit CFB’s fanboys are staunchly anti-UH, so no surprise here

And always have been. No shock there. They don’t seem to mind what it does to their credibility either. They made fools of themselves leading up to the Florida State game last year. If UH does join the Big 12 they will collectively choke on it.

They will go nuts when we win the championship the first year we are in the conference (and permitted to be eligible)! THAT - is our tradition.

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