Anatomy of a crisis

A very good video by Milton Friedman and like all his stuff its from the 80’s but if you have ever watch his lecture series you will see that his videos explain, in very layman’s terms, a lot about how things work in economics and apply very much today as they did back then. I’ve already posted a few of his videos detailing the cause of and cure for inflation and if you watch the events he describes and dissects in those videos and compare it to what has happened in the past few years and is happening right now. You will be amazed at how similarly everything is playing out.

Anatomy of a crisis explains the failures that lead to the great depression and the role the federal reserve played in it. Watching the video examines how important a competent Fed is. It will also explain why the argument “its happening all over the world so how is it _______ fault” or “its happening all over the world how is ________ responsible” is more of an excuse. Finally, the last part is a nice debate about government that both sides of the isle, here on coogfans, will enjoy.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything Milton suggests in this video or even in his entire lecture series but I do learn insight on how things work from him. Also, I am on vacation and so I have a lot of time on my hands right now :slight_smile:

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He was a big anti-labor guy and that tainted everything about him.