Andre was awesome

It was great to relive the run shoot days with Andre. His favorite play is also mine, and we did it vs Texas. The Dome went wild when Ware caught the pass from Klinger.
Andre was asked how they scored so much. He said we had a great Defense back then. That was so cool of him, he listed Cornelius Price 12 int and the other great defenders from then.
Besides the UH love I thought he called a great game too


Ware calls a great game. Drew Brees is good too. I enjoy the Manning brothers too.


Liked seeing that Klingler to Ware pass, brought back memories of John Jenkins as OC.


I taped the game last night so I am going to watch it and see how it looked and sounded on TV.

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Omg you are going love it.
Did you see any of the pre game stuff? They made it seem like something got the two teams jarring at each other.

I guess I was too busy jawing with some of the guys to notice. But I am looking forward to watching. Right now I have to finish this TT-WV game with 22 seconds and 20-20 tie. Setting up for the FG. And it’s good.

23-20 TT with 18 seconds. What will WV do? Game over.


I’d love to see that again. anyone got a link?