Andy Yanez interview with Chris Pezman

Good information here. Excited for the upcoming season


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A million clams to flip the cameras and cables in the FC?

I can round up some of my primos and we’ll do it for 10 cases of beer :beer:.


Nah… $500k and 10 cases of beer.


On a serious note, I don’t know own about exact cost, but it’s not an easy undertaking to move the camera positions and do it right. A simple explanation is it’s like the cable guy moving every hookup in your house to the opposite side of your living room. It’s not just one line either, you need them for multiple cameras/audio and the announcer table. Want to move the whole front media row where the announcer sit along with the benches? That’s a whole other issue.

You could do it on the cheap and just have wires strung all across Fertitta Center concourse floors, but that would look like trash.

Another issue is the camera placement, the opening at the top of the side facing the students is it is a considerably steeper angle and you don’t have room on that side for the cameras that shoot from the corners.

I’ll be honest, I get the gripes but I’d rather see empty premium seats than an empty student section on tv. It would look awesome packed, but really bad when there aren’t many students there.


I can’t remember when the floor student section was not packed in the recent past. On top of that, home conference games are going to be more packed than ever. You’re just laying out excuses. If the administration wants something to be done, it can get done. Our program has risen to a level where we can justify many expenses.


Pez keeps said we’ve never sold 5000 season tickets when he really is saying 5000 new season tickets in any one season. He needs to work on his communication skills.


You are good! You beat me to posting it haha


I’ve only watched half so far 20:36. Need to get back to work. However, I’m not sure how much I like Pez anymore. Tried to bully Andy a bit around the 19minute mark.

One thing I cannot stand is an insecure man or bully.


Has anyone asked him about the state of baseball, women’s basketball or softball?

Heading into Big 12 we are going to be absolutely embarrassed if changes are not made.

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I would say he was more frustrated about the way marketing is portrayed with UH athletics than toward me. He took my question about the tag literally when I meant in terms of a tag that connects with the identity of the football team like the HTown Takeover years or ForTheCity with men’s basketball.

The funny thing is he gave a great answer and addressed the heart of what I wanted to get at.


I’m not even sure how the latter can be true either.

We sold 23K in 2016 but didn’t sell 18K the year before.


Perception matters a heck of a lot. We want people to see UH in the Big 12 and say wow, these guys are legit. Its well worth spending a million dollars to see a bunch of packed rowdy students vs a half full club section. Many of our games will be on national tv as long as we keep winning. Pez is great at being a realist but he needs to be a bold thinker too. Horrible look to be a top 10 team playing another solid team and have many empty seats darn near courtside. JMO.


I would have preferred more questions about accountability for certain coaches, specifically baseball and football. But good questions and discussion otherwise. The Houston with U or whatever that even is, Pez got ticked off for a min there was the only point where the interview went off the rails a bit.

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I believe the record is the fact that it took place within a two month period, no?

That’s something I definitely should have done better with. He alluded to it a couple of times in terms of football and how they can best keep the momentum from the buzz of joining the Big 12 for multiple years.

He acknowledged in order to bottle the momentum they are seeing right now with the Big 12 transition, it will come down to execution (from the admin side) and competitive success (winning games). He gave men’s basketball and volleyball as examples.

“We know how to execute,” Pezman said. “It is a combination of executing with competitive success…"

I should have asked what competitive success looks like for football. Even if he gave a political answer. It’s something that immediately stood out to me as I was transcribing after the fact :man_facepalming:


I missed that.

Why? Any decent speaker in his position is going to give about the same response to that question…
If you want a return interview with a guy you don’t bombard him with a fan’s assessments of what is bad. Save some of the tough questions for responses that may mean something.


I was surprised that Pez didn’t know that Galen Robinson started the “For the City” mantra. But he is right in that you can’t force things like that. The Jackboyz, 3rd ward defense, etc. just happened and weren’t from marketing.

One thing he said that will resonate is after this fall work will start on several things including restrooms and concessions on the 300 level.