Angelo Football Clinic brings big-time coaches to city

Angelo Football Clinic brings big-time coaches to city


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ANGELO FOOTBALL CLINIC: University of Houston’s Herman continues busy schedule with stop in San Ang


Tom Herman explains why he’s the only person to run his Twitter account

“A lot of head coaches have somebody that does (social media accounts) but I, as the leader of Coog Nation, I want to make sure everything that has my name on it has at least been authorized by me. I don’t want to leave that to anyone else,” Herman told the audience at the Angelo Football Clinic, via the San Angelo Standard-Times.

Late to the game here – a full time job really gets in the way of my participation!!

I had all of 5 mins with CTH. He arrived late and there were two TV stations and one radio station staring down on us like vultures. Of course I was mindful of the short amount of time we all had with him and was gracious. The broadcast dudes did not do me the return favor when they were first in line for interviews with other folks, like Sterlin Gilbert.

Since I knew I had just a short time I chose to focus on one aspect: running the program/recruting and how social media fits into that. Wish we could have visited longer.

I did get to shake hands with Wade Phillips and hold his SB ring. My colleague did the interview. Phillips has a long connection with that football clinic, going back to the days when the Oilers did their training camps in San Angelo. I was a little kid and just LOVED the Oilers. The clinic serves as an informal Oiler reunion every year. It was pretty cool to see Phillips back as a champion. He hosts a BBQ on the final day for all the coaches/vendors.

One thing I’ve noticed since I’ve been back in sports writing game: U of Houston has a whole lot more fans out this way than before Briles was hired. Briles, Kolb, Keenum and then the great year w/Herman has definitely improved Houston’s cache in the entire state. It’s nice to see, cuz I was a fan of UH’s back when Andre n Klingler were slinging it and then the Cougars just dropped off the map for us after SWC broke up.


Written by the “Lady of San Angelo”. Thanks.

PS One of the Angelo Football Clinic directors is Hardee McCrary

When Herman entered the building, the first thing he did was go up and hug McCrary, and it was the kind of hug Herman loves – w/out using his famous description.

My guess is the current UT staff has this year to prove itself and they’re eyeballing Herman pretty hard. No surprise to most here, though. Just thought I’d share that lil bit of info.

UT leadership wants to see what Charlie does with a team full of his recruits. He inherited a culture problem much worse than the one that Herman inherited here. I’ve been told by my Belmont sources that Charlie has 2 if not 3 years to prove that his system is working.

Great to see you Amy. :blush:

Very good to see you here Amy


I think Strong is a good guy and deserves the timeline you suggest. But I would be VERY surprised if 1. Texas is sub .500 and 2. they don’t axe him after that.

Probably, they’ll improve slighlty and it buys Strong another year. Sterlin Gilbert will bring something new to tha table and they have an improved offense which wins 1-2-3 more games.

But if they’re sub .500, Strong is gone.

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