Animated UH GIFs

Been playing around with creating Animated GIFs for the Coogs as I get tired of the same old gifs on twitter. Here’s what I’ve been able to come up with so far (Some I saved from the UH Twitter feeds). Feel free to use





Track and Field




Great job! Thank you.

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Working on trying to get upgraded to a “Partner” account so that these will be searchable on social media sites:

Here’s a new one:

These are awesome Patrick! I’d like to request one of the Louisville lineman falling on his butt please, if that isn’t too much trouble. Will we be able to find these eventually on like gif keyboards for messenger so that everyone has access to them?

I’ll see what I can do.

I’ve contacted Giphy about trying to get added as a partner or artist to allow the gifs to be searchable. They are on hiatus until the 7th so hopefully I’ll get further then.


Here you go:

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Awesome! Thank you!


New one from the 2015 Memphis game

Gonna hit you like a freight train

So pretty

Ok, brand account is finally setup with GIPHY and I’m able to start uploading new GIFs that should be seen via social media soon. Had to create a new account so I’ll be doing these slowly until I can catch up.

Edit, if anyone sees anything they want to use as a gif, let me know and I’ll get it up there.

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GIFs started showing up yesterday so things are working. Uploaded the rest I had created previously up on the site. Been having fun this morning and uploaded some more.

Some more from the AAC Track Championship last year:

Getting some help now from @crohou

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