Announcer amuse/confuse me . . . .

While watching a BB game yesterday (Nov 22) I observed a “charge” call. The announcers spent 5 minutes explaining how, once the defensive player had his feet set, he could move his upper body East to West in order to create the charge. In this example, the d players “off side” foot was coming off of the floor when contact occurred . . . . .
Tonight, I observed a player plant both feet, then just as he was about to be hit, rotated his shoulders slightly, to soften the blow. He was called for a defensive foul. The play was explained by the announcers as a good call. They explained once a d player was set, he could not rotate or move side to side.

I’m guessing the rules change with the announcers . . . . . like many politicians . . . . .

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The charge call in basketball is like obscenity-I can’t define it, but I know it when I see it.


Announcing quality has taken a big hit with the number of televised/streamed games nowadays.


Well, most announcers are just that…. Announcers !

Signed, Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart.


It’s one of the hardest calls to make. It’s just one of many reasons why I could not be an official. That’s an incredibly tough job.


Tonight, I was watching Caleb Mills and the Florida State game. Announcer brags on the FS coach. Saying his is doing a great job at bringing the FS program back to prominence . . . . . this while they are sitting at 1 and 6 so far this year . . . . . Amusing

Wasn’t it pornography?

1-8…Mills destroyed any chance of playing Pro ball…he’s digressed do to lack of coaching…Sampson would have made him a pro…too late now

Justice Stewart was attempting to describe the threshold test for obscenity in Jacobellis v, Ohio. Within the context of the case, the obscenity was hard core pornography.

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Mills was never an NBA talent. Not even close.

I think CKS would say the same about Mills that he just mentioned about Mark. He, when he was recruited, was a great scorer, but he did not and still does not know how to play basketball . . . . .

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