Annual Bryan Jones check in

Any news on this kid? Still calls himself a UH commit on his Twitter bio and he had posted he was taking the ACT in the fall.

He won’t be coming in this season unless he can pass his ACT by summer. Probably going to have to go JUCO.

Is he the new Davell Lauder?


Sure looks like our new Yeti so far. So who’s the next Rhett Bomar

He’s heading to Pearl River CC in Louisiana. Still wearing a UH jacket in the picture. If he can get his academics right, maybe he’ll be here in a year or two (not sure how it works since he’s already taken a year off)


A year off and headed to JC still? I think we can officially say we have our message board successor to Davell “The Yeti” Lauder. The Yeti is dead! Long live the Yeti!

Did he attend college last year? If not, then his eligibility clock starts this year at Pearl River. Chances are he did take classes last year in hopes of being eligible this year.

I don’t believe he took any classes as he was still trying to score high enough on the ACT to earn admission to UH.

I prefer not to ever view Brian Jones as another Yeti or Davel Lauder. Lauder was a joke because other than a message he had verbaled to us and some pictures of a JC kid, he pretty much did not exist.

Brian Jones since our offer and his verbal has tweeted and tweeted about his desire to go to school at our University. For him, I appreciate his desire and want to be a Cougar and for that I wish and hope the best for him.


Well in Mr. Lauder’s defense, he did not have twitter. Yet he committed to us more than once.


Davell wanted to come here, he just was destined to be the yeti.

Pearl River CC is in Poplarville, Mississippi.

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Hope it works out for him and he can get his education.