Another 2021 First: Arizona Bowl becomes exclusive to app & social media (Barstool Sports)

No network/cable coverage. Only on Barstool sports.
Great way for small bowls to survive. (MAC v MWC)

“Originally scheduled to air on CBS, the Barstool Arizona Bowl will now be broadcast through Barstool Sports’ Web site, app and social media channels.”

(Warning: the Barstool guy is awful. Avoid the video)

It’s been an afterthought, now it’s a no-thought


Anything barstool in media is awful. Unless it’s the actual stool used to sit on.


What’s wrong with barstools? I have 4 in my house.


Do u want read it again or do I need to explain further :thinking:

No explanation needed, I read it again. However, I have nothing against barstools in bars either – or the folks sitting on them, or bars in general.

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Plus you’re little older than me Mike so I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve never read a single article ftom all the Barstool Sports sites out there. I despised them… for the younger crowd imo or I’m just old fashioned. Rough is being nice.

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Video by 3 guys with iPhones and and a few six packs of beer. I’m in.

Leave me out! Different stuff for different folks.

a bowl game that already had low viewership, has just made it more difficult for the casual viewer to stumble across the game.

innovative! lol

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Portnoy stick to pizza reviews


“One bite, everyone knows the rules”

I don’t remember if I have ever heard of Barstool Sports before this thread. BTW, at 74, I am probably a lot older than you Jess.

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Yea , I didn’t thk you followed any Barstools baloney besides the ones at your house. Yep I knew you were 74, I follow certain posters on here , esp the ones that have invested so much of their time/money to UH ATHLETICS. Btw I’m soon to be 62 yrs young in early Oct.

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This Bowl is already a massive failure.

It soon will die, sitting on a Barstool.


Last year’s Arizona Bowl, which was on CBS, had 1.77 million viewers. Those are excellent numbers for any G5 game, only being beaten by a couple of G5 bowls, and surpassing regular season numbers from Cincinnati vs. UCF, which sat at 1.58 million viewers, or the MAC and Mountain West Conference championship games, which had 875,000 and 1.42 million viewers respectively.”

Bad news for the G5, bad news for the G5…The amount of G5 bashing is no surprise.

I live where this Bowl exists.

Attendance is pitiful. It barely makes the local TV sports shows when it happens.

This is at least the second attempt to have a Bowl Game in Tucson.

Like the past, failure is writ large.

That is too bad. UA has a nice stadium. I met Oliver after the game. He is a really nice kid and not pompous at all. He reminds of a Young Charles Barkley.