Another home game on 6 day wait

Temple home game won’t know time until next Sunday. Sad thing is homecoming events and the basketball home opener needs to be planned around it.

Gotta love that exposure !

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Waiting to see if Temple wins. I wonder what will happen either way. Temple and UH win= 2:30 on ABC . Either lose and 7:00 on ESPN News?

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You can only use two 6-day holds per team in a season. This is our second. The irony is that there is only one game left for TBD, Memphis. Not only does this allow the networks to see if we can wrap up the West, it allows them to ensure we are nationally televised in the lead up to our conference showdown with UCF.

The last month of this season could be one for the record books. Let’s win this conference and make a NY6 bowl!


I think the only record we set is highest ranked team to not sell out a home game. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sad, but true. Could you imagine if we had the conference championship game at TDECU and we only draw the die-hards? We pulled 36k against Temple in 2015. If we got the chance, I think we would have trouble pulling north of 30k this year.

Hopefully we get a good crowd against Temple. It doesn’t help that there are only 6 days to make plans. Maybe that hurt us against USF.

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I don’t see how that game (2015 aac championship) didn’t sell out. I was a student when the cusa game against Usm was on a Friday night… I believe. What an atmosphere.

You can say what you want about Tom Herman but he got people to the games. He called out the students, alumni and fans for not coming to the games. He also had publicity stunts like the grill and kissing players. He was a very charismatic person who knew what to say to the media all while selling hisself to UT.

This is one reason we had really good crowds at the games. I only remember the upper level edges kind of empty.

Applewhite isn’t going to do all that so be satisfied with 32,000 until we get in a P5.

I have a feeling Temple is going to beat UCF.


I gotta admit the line at 10 seems very high.

If we maintain our ranking (win) we will rate much better than News regardless of what Temple does. Folks are going to want to see the D’Eriq King and Ed show.

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I expected Cincy to have trouble with Temple but pull it out in the end, which they couldn’t do. UCF will have trouble too, but I am more confident they will pull it out.

It might help having the championship game and the Fertitta Center opening on that same day. The thought of walking out of TDECU as conference champs and straight into the brand new basketball arena makes me giddy. Campus that day would be madness.


Read that again

Had not thought about that possibility. If UH hosted, I hope it is a 1-loss UCF that wins the East. Cincy might be ok. I am not sure the demand would be there for a Big XII like Championship with USF or Temple Part II against UH. And I don’t like the idea of facing the same team twice in the same season.

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Also adding to the grand opening atmosphere, you could have rotating spotlights pointing at the sky outside of Fertitta Center. Oh I guess you would have to have upbeat music outside too before the basketball game. It would be an electric atmosphere and quite a day.

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Smh, Jimbo. Your condescension knows no bounds. I was clearly referring to hosting the championship game, not Temple. Reading, how does it work?

My bad. I did read it wrong. Thanks for actually pointing out what I read wrong the second time.

Eh…I’m not so sure about that. We were sitting around 30K for most of 2015 until the Memphis sell out. We then sold out Navy prior to playing UCONN. The Conference Championship then only drew 36K.

A lot of 2016 had to do with the OU game and the prices being low. Ticket brokers bought up a lot of the season tickets and we drew well until we lost to Navy. If you remember the UCF game that came after the SMU loss, the stands looked about like what we’ve had this year, and the Tulane game after that wasn’t much better (both games were during the day).

Winning, top opponents, and night games bring the fans. If the Temple game is at night and we beat SMU, we’l have a decent crowd for Temple. Tulane on a Thursday night, probably around 30K.

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The Louisville game was a draw for the ticket brokers as well in 2016 with the returning Heisman Trophy winner.

I’m just glad the CCG won’t fall on a weekend when I have a Holiday Party at my plant in Oklahoma like it did in 2015. That way I don’t have to scramble home on Saturday morning to watch it either live or on TV.