Another one! BOOM DB Johnathan Phenix! (Update: Signed)



We’re on a roll!

DB with Speed and size while also having a nose for the ball.

Only had one other offer from Incarnate Word, but looks to be another under the radar signing that fits the Jackboyz mold.

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But but but, Applewhite is in over his head… :wink:


Nice to know we beat out Incarnated Word for his commitment.


I don’t understand these backhanded compliments to kids who commit to our FB program. We don’t even know if these kids will even sign come February, let alone make it on campus. I’ll just wait and see what production we get from them 2 or 3 years from now. That’s when we’ll know for sure how good this recruiting class really was.

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Phenix seems to be close to Garrison Vaughn as they are both from close to the same area.

According to 1660 ESPN in Central Texas, they put Phenix on their 2nd Team as a CB (Vaughn was a 1st team S).

2nd Team

Jonathon Phenix, McGregor

34 Tackles, 1 INT, 7 passes defended, 2 Fum caused,-Shut down Sychory Smith to 2 catches and JaQuan


I wonder if that’s who he was referring to when he mentioned he would recruit other players

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By the way, I remember when we were this kid’s only offer:


Yup. There are a bunch of Texans with 1 offer playing in the NFL and it’s always been that way.

Also, I ll take a Texas 2 star over a 3 star from all but a handful of other states most of the time


Phenix ran an 11.64 100M and jumped 20’1" in the Long Jump this year. Was also a member of the 4x100 that finished 6th at state.

I’m not saying 11.64 (or 11.37 which Malik Jackson ran) is slow. Lord knows it would take me twice that long.

I will say that over 100 kids ran 10.75 better in Texas High Schools this year. These kids we are signing are not “track stars.”

They have adequate speed to play college football, and they appear to be playmakers.

But there’s no Avery or Marshall or Alridge in this class. Yet.

(Henry Thomas ran a 22.5 200M. Probably equates to around 11.0 100M. Fastest one so far.)

Notice Craig Williams from Crosby at 10.4 on the linked website. He’s a burner. I think we are among his favorites.


Good info.

Noticed that Elijah Gooden ran a 10.86.

We also offered #9 on that 100M list, KeSean Carter, recently.

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This is the kind of post I wish we saw more often.

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One thing that bothers me about recruiting rankings (among many): 247 yesterday had Phenix with no stars, today he has 2 stars. So, how did they determine the 2 star ranking or the state ranking/positional ranking that quickly?

He wasn’t the only one, Thomas, Freeman and Kirven also had no rankings until they committed and then suddenly were assigned 2 stars.


Sometimes that means they hadn’t updated their composite from other sites. Sometimes it means them, or another site, just took a guess and assigned a number. Look at our two oline commits. Their rating are almost identical. At least one, if not both, were unrated before committing.

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Below 4 or 5 star rated kids, the ratings are typically just wild guesstimates based almost solely on which schools have offered a kid. So as you can see, a UH offer equals at least a 2 star rating.


One thing I cant determine is which rating sites do they use in the total average. I think its 247Sports, Scout, Rivals, and ESPN. If you notice there are 4 red, sometimes gray dots below a commits stars. Its not easy to tell which sites have rated the player, so you have to go to each individual site to try and determine that. Usually ESPN doesn’t rate anyone unless their considered the top of the class. Only Kelan Walker is rated by ESPN on our list.