Another reason to hate on officials

I wouldn’t be able to contain myself if this happened to the Coogs.

Scorer missed a made FT for Southern Utah, coach complains, refs refuse to check scoring. Southern Utah loses in double OT. After the game, the officials “cleaned up” the error by changing a made FT to a miss in the scoring table. :rage:


That’s why people complain about the refs all the time! Because they make a lot of mistakes and sometimes they flat out cheat! They’re a bunch of arrogant a-hole with God complex!


Actually they are normal people trying to make extra money. You should try it and see how it works out for you.


If a point is missed then normally the bench which got cheated screams first. The scorer checks the book and then change can be made if needed.
But I believe the score can be changed by official scorekeeper.
I don’t think it is up to the officials in the court but the guys at the table.
Why an official at the table wouldn’t change the missed point is beyond home jobs


Is there a solution to this absurd situation?

The game should be replayed, imo, or at least not counted in both teams records so that southern utah is not penalized

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Southern Utah should get the win if it can be proven that they lead at the end of regulation/first OT. It shouldn’t have to be replayed, or anything like that… But I won’t hold my breath waiting for it to be corrected, either.


…Oh, and that person in charge of the scorer’s table should be dismissed by Cal. Shame on you!


There was a late field goal or xtra point in a Syracuse game a couple of years ago that they got wrong even after replay. It changed the outcome of the game. Was a big stink about it.
Most refs just make mistakes, some have biases that leak out, a small amount are actually crooked and FBI has even arrested some… yet people will act like it doesn’t happen.
In a large enough sample size you are going to have a little bit of everything.
There are always going to be great ones and some bad apples and everything in between.

Agree and the scorekeepers should be fired!

Maybe they paid him to do what he did, maybe they want errors in their favor.

As for the refs, the reason they wear striped shirts is because they are convicts.

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