Another School Year About to Begin

Alas, another school year is about to begin. I was wondering what, if
any, precautions those with elementary, middle, or high-school age kids are doing ? Anybody going with private homeschooling , giving up on it , or other recommendations ?

Note: Let’s don’t discuss political parties, public policy, or the virus numbers and data in this thread. Just interested in those that are concerned and what they are doing. Others, please
kindly do not reply or start another thread. Thanks in advance !

So my twins start kindergarten, here in Illinois they’ve reinstated mask mandates for schools. Which since number 3 is only 8 months old we’re big fans of any attempts at mitigation. Naturally, it’s been taken well.

I’ll leave it there, after that I accept the fact that I will be heading straight into ineffective, disparaging and ranting.

I used to have this nightmare

Thanks. 1st and 5th grader will be sent to Tomball ISD wearing masks with 20 month at home.
Car rider to avoid bus. Fort Bend ISD is planning to implement some type of virtual online
thing from latest releases, but sketchy details so far

My understanding was the State wouldn’t allow the at-home learning again, or so I thought?

We’ve got a fifth grader that can’t get the vaccine yet, and a high-schooler who has significant health issues, neither of whom I want to send.

I don’t want to send my other two, either, but I’m not aware that we have a choice this year. I’d add that the zoom thing was a disaster for two of my kids; the other two survived but didn’t like it. But I’ve explained to them it’s better than one of us dying.

I halfway heard something on the radio last week… If I understood correctly, districts can do the online learning, but it’s out of their own pocket (no state or federal funding), AND they don’t get their per-student money from the state unless students are at school in person. So a huge double whammy if districts want to offer it.

After three years of home school, our son is going to a brick and mortar school this year. Don’t know what the school policy will be yet, but he’ll be masked up every day. He’s less than a year from being eligible for the vaccine. His momma is anxiously awaiting a booster shot to make us all feel better about her chances to fight off an infection.

That’s my understanding as well. Not an option at our school district at this time.

I understand the dilemma. My autistic kinder actually
thrived in the zoom environment, but it required a parent in the room 90% of the time. The 4th grader
didnt like the zoom stuff as well and tended to lose focus but didn’t have an almost dedicated parent to
supervise either.

It’s past time for the kids to get back into the classroom. However, please be careful driving them to school because I understand that the odds of them getting killed in a car wreck far exceed the odds of them dying from contracting any one of the flu or pneumonia or covid.

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I sent a message to Mystik610 about their plans for the fall. Hopefully he will respond.

For those with genuine concerns , here is some feedback from TCH in case you
haven’t heard it:

Back to school and COVID: You asked and we have answers

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Or mass murder. Why have all the security when its such a minuscule percentage? Its infringing on my freedom to have to check in at the office to visit my kid in elementary school. Crazy.

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Maybe this is the thing everywhere, but in Cy Fair, lockers are no longer used. I guess they could be used to store weapons or drugs or who knows what. Crazy.

My daughter was claiming she was cold in some classes at school. I told her to take a jacket to keep in her locker. Use it when you go to the cold classrooms. That’s when I learned they don’t have lockers and she’d have to tote the jacket around all day.

Relatedly, they had to have those clear PVC backpacks. These backpacks don’t hold as much and don’t last as long.

I don’t see a point to either of these. But I’m not as reactionary as some, I guess.

10 year old and 12 year old in my house. Both headed back, their mom (these are my stepkids) doesn’t seem to have a preference on if they mask or not. The 12 year old will likely soon be vaccinated. Their mom is a labor and delivery nurse at a large hospital so I trust her instincts.

New Caney ISD started Monday, Humble today Tuesday Aug 10 and Cleveland starts Wednesday. I supervise Student Teachers in all three for UH System. Visited my 3 New Caney campuses last Friday. Saturday evening one NCISD students called me coughing and running fever. Covid confirmed by test. Student had been on campus 5 days. Student and family are unvaccinated. Sunday, while I watch the Astros, I get a text from another student teacher at school 3. Student tells me her cooperating teacher has called to say her Covid test is positive. So, I have been exposed at two of the three NC schools I visited. Make my mandatory report to UH Covid team, but am told under new Texas guidelines, since I’m fully vaccinated, my exposures don’t count as an “exposure” so not counted. No need to quarantine, can go back to work Monday for more chances.
As a retired principal, I can’t imagine not being not able to protect my students and staff. It was bad enough last May when one of my UH kids lost their father to Covid and she had to make funeral arrangements because mom and older brother also had Covid. It’s going to be a nightmare and we’re going to lose innocent kids staff, and family due to stupidity or callousness.


Schools in Phoenix and Tucson started 2 weeks ago.

No masks, no COVID, no Nada.

U. of Arizona Dorms open next week. No vaccine rules, no masks.

Tucson, loved your area when I did training in Phoenix and Tucson. I noticed Az has a 7 day new case average around 2,400 versus Texas’ 12,000/day 7 day average. Houston/Harris County is now the 5th highest case count in US.
Should be interesting seeing how our schools proceed.

Addendum:Texas had 17,000 new cases on Saturday, Aug. 7th.

You have to wonder how many of the thousands of new cases in Texas are a result of our open borders.

Yep, we shoulda sealed off Arkansas and Louisiana a long time ago. :wink:

We went to Mexico earlier this summer and the Mexicans were nearly 100% masks all the time. Only unmasked we saw were Americans. Coincidentally, the big hot spots for infections lately in Mexico have been Cancun and Los Cabos… Sure looks like it’s us that are spreading the virus to Mexico.

I talked about vaccines with a young Mexican guy there, and he was in awe of the fact that anyone that wants a vaccine in the USA can get one. I explained that half the country didn’t want one. He thought it must be the cost of the vaccine. I explained that the vaccines are free. He couldn’t understand why half the country wouldn’t get vaccinated. I told him I couldn’t either.