Antoine Davis feels “cheated” out of scoring record

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Antoine Davis feels “cheated” out of scoring record after CBI received calls in opposition, but still feels like “the best scorer in my generation”;
Maravich’s son: “Your season should be over if you’re 14-19. But to be clear, I’m not mad at Antoine Davis"

Basically The CBI was going to invite detroit for the purpose of breaking the record… a ton of people emailed and called protesting that (because Detroit wouldn’t be invited to the cbi if there wasnt a record involved, that the team didnt earn the invite.) CBI ultimately folded and didnt invite them

Maravich’s son has been vocal about not liking the idea of him being invited to the tournament undeserving for the sole purpose of breaking the award. that its in poor taste to the record


Geez, what a hoax that would have been if they were allowed to play with a 14-19 record so he could selfishly break a record.


How can anyone feel cheated when they had 144 games versus Pete’s 83 to break the scoring record?


Let’s see……did Pistol Pete play in the 3 point era ?

Just how many shots did Davis take in his career vs Pistol ?

Instead of points scored maybe it should be baskets made.

Not sure of the numbers, but I understood the Davis kid was the teams gunner.

Did he play 4 or 5 seasons ?

Deandre Williams will be going for the scoring record when he gets his medical/COVID/just because extra year of eligibility.


Pistol only played 3 years on varsity too


100% agree with the son of the Pistol.

First off Pete did it at LSU against tougher competition. Davis was chasing it while losing games, playing weak competition, playing just about every minute and having the green light from his dad to shoot from wherever and whenever.
To allow them in the CBI in an effort to sell extra 10s of tickets to a meaningless game would have been a travesty.



Cbi was about to Ricky Suggs it.


DUDE- Your team is 14-19… STFU


Could be playing for a national championship this season. Maybe being our sixth man.

But we see what is most important to him.

Not a knock. Not everyone is built for a championship culture.


To be honest, Pistol wouldn’t have the scoring record if his dad wasn’t the coach at lsu.

It would not have mattered who the coach at LSU was. They had a terrible team and Pete was a one man show.
Now had he played at Kentucky or Duke or UCLA he would never had put up those numbers. But he would have have been a first team All American and still the most exciting player in the country!


His dad didn’t know how to coach defense at all. Only knew how to run offensive sets with Pete doing the heavy lifting.

They were mediocre Pete’s first two seasons but managed a decent season his final year and were briefly ranked for a couple weeks.

They made it to the NiT his senior year

The Pistol would try to work his teammates into the offense. They just gave it right back to him.

He should’ve played harder during the season!!

Davis took fewer shots.

Most of Davis’points came from the three point line that Pete didn’t have. He had every advantage in the book

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Is there a special exemption “extra year” for senior citizens ? ? ? ? ?

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Such BS. I’m pretty sure Pete only played 3 seasons, against much better competition and there was no 3 point line !!

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