Any butcher shops out there sell crow?

Asking for a friend. :blush:

Sometimes it’s good to be wrong. Let’s do this!

When it happens we should all post pics of our bottles.


I know how you feel.

It’s GREAT to be wrong.

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Only BIG MEN will admit it when they’re wrong.


I’ll admit it. Aldine Blue was wrong.


Any hue, I had insisted on the following;

  1. UT will never leave the BIG12
  2. Pac12- will expand with 2 schools
  3. The AAC will raid the BIG12
  4. Bowlsby would be fired in August
  5. Houston would beat Tech
  6. Houston would never be invited to the big12.

Was wrong on every count and have developed a newfound respect for my boss.


Well, after UT and OU left the Big 12, I firmly believed, and consistently posted that:

  1. the Big 12 would bring in new members
  2. the Big 12 would most likely raid the AAC for teams,
  3. the Big 12 would most likely retain “P5” status, albeit with probably less money, and
  4. the PAC-12 would most likely NOT expand.

All proved to be true.

My biggest fear…which I posted about repeatedly, is that when the Big 12 DID expand and raid the AAC, that, due to the fear of having to compete with UH for recruits, the Texas Big 12 teams would blackball UH and leave us in a depleted AAC, more or less permanently relegated to 2nd class college football status.



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I expected holgie to flop. So far no crow being eaten at my place.