Any info on 2020 spring practice?

Is the dearth of information coming out of camp a deliberate effort by the coaching staff to temper expectations for the fall or perhaps a way to maintain tactical surprise against our fall opponents? I’m more than satisfied tracking Coog basketball right now, but I’m still interested in our progress on the gridiron. Any shared insight appreciated.

Friday night practices are open to public. CDH and staff have had many interviews with press and some of the various sites moderators and I have watched them. The info is out there if you look for it.

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Yes, no need for our athletic department to be shoving it down our throats on Twitter and anywhere. We should have to dig for it because the casual fan loves to dig for it.

I mean, we have sold enough season tickets and cdh gets paid regardless so why try?


I cant remember the last time that there has been this little information broadcast about spring practice. It’s like nobody cares. Even some of our biggest boosters seem a bit meh.


Maybe…just maybe some are not posting on here about it because every thread seems to end up with how bad CDH is and how he was a bad hire (after one season). It gets a little old. And basketball is more fun right now…


Most of what I’ve seen is short interviews from the indoor practice facility posted on Joseph Duarte’s Twitter account. Nice little info nuggets, but why not a UH weekly press conference during the spring practice sessions with CDH and/or the DC/OC? Post it to FB, YouTube, etc. Don’t mean to come off as needy, but guess I was expecting more from the program.

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Like I said, CDH has put it out there and it is posted elsewhere. This site hasn’t posted the interviews, another has. I am on both for a reason.


Seriously what information could you hope to hear from spring ball? The roster isnt even complete.

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Do you know why UH Athletics doesn’t put the interviews on their YouTube channel or Facebook page?

I have seen the on FB

I had no idea that the power of Coogfans sways the athletic departments abilty to post videos on twitter or YouTube and try to excite the fan base.

Yeah… I think the majority of the fan base is just on the wait and let’s see what CDH will do in his second season. Not having a true starting QB on the roster takes away sum of the buzz along with losing that Alabama transfer that a lot of us had pencil down for like a year.

We do have a true starting quarterback. Where have you been?


Can we name that Tune ? Sorry,I just could not resist !
Go Coogs !

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I dropped the Twitter app from my phone so cannot comment on that. My post was not addressing UH Athletics comms about Spring Practice. No one other than posters on this site care what Coogfans post and, although more hardcore than most, the thoughts and views here do not necessarily reflect the majority of UH supporters. Just like Twitter, Insta, FB, etc.


I don’t know what anyone is talking about. I’ve seen plenty of information about spring ball.


UH ‘s post on its main page suggest that not all Friday practices are open. Fans Invited to Open Practice on Friday - University of Houston Athletics

It mentions that this Friday is open and that the 20th is open to the public.

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The interviews and video are out there, maybe the media doesn’t deem them news worthy in today’s society that focuses only on sensationalism and got takes. I’m also on another site and watch CDH interview every week along with 2 or 3 assistants . I just watched Belk, Etheridge & Jones each being interviewed about Spring ball, the players and other things .


Which site? Please share the link.