Any signal from Coach Holgerson?

I know this Baylor think developed overnight. Wonder how Coach feels about it? Definitely is a great opportunity playing a Big 12, but very little time to prepare.

We have a week plus to prepare and have been in training camp. Time to prepare is not a problem


Same for BU.



I have to believe Holgorson was consulted on the decision. I think our coaches and players are fired up to play a Big 12 opponent in Fox.


I just watched an interview with Pezman on Channel 2 Sports Sunday about the situation. First Rhoades called Pez inquiring about the situation with the Memphis game and broached playing a replacement game. Pez consulted with Dana and he was totally on board with it. It was sealed and the coaching staff and players are excited about it.

So, to CkrBkr who, in another thread tried to put out BS that Dana was unhappy about playing BU, that’s pure BS, stop trying to stir up dissention about our coach. We can do without that crap.

Here is his post:
CgrBkrJ V


Dana is not happy. They are not ready for Baylor, not sure it happens. I hope so, but skeptical.


Well they have a week to prepare which is the same amount of time Baylor has to prepare for the Coogs.

They are very excited! First, they actually get to PLAY a game. Second, playing BU is a great opportunity to work out any kinks they have and work on that before starting conference play.


we NEED to win this game, this is an important game for our program at this time and point, dont have time to work on kinks, just win, lol

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I’m well aware they NEED to win. Every team’s first game is a game where they gage what needs to be fixed.

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They don’t NEED to win this game. This should be a fun tune up game that we actually steal giving aranda his first loss as Baylor’s head coach.


Unfortunately others will not see it that way. I believe this is the perfect opportunity for them.


after a 4-8 debacle of a season last year we need to win this game, dont want to start off on bad note and spiral downward

Last year is history, next year is a dream, this year is all we really have. Forget last year, it means nothing. Our team is very different from last year. Some new players, some new coaches, new dynamics. Lett’s enjoy this year and support our Coogs. to paraphrase a great man…Our Coogs, may they always win their games, but win or lose they are still our Coogs.


If our Houston Cougar football history has taught us anything its that every year is different and you never know.


Baylor is ranked and also needs to win this game at home.
If we win I will be super jacked up. If we lose but we play well then I will also be happy.
How well our new look defense and OL play will be huge factors.
Regardless I expect a fun game and it will remind us of the good old days in the SWC


yes i miss the SWC days!!

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Outcome does not matter other than coming out healthy. Need this game to get ready for conference


sorry but outcome always matters

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Over the last 17 games, we are 5-12.and we lost our QB-1 to Miami. Our last bowl game, we experienced an embarrassing loss to Army, followed by a 4-8 season.

Baylor finished 11-3 last year losing twice to OU and finished nationally ranked. They are pre-season nationally ranked this season.

A UH win would be an unbelievable start to our season, but it would not be a disgrace to experience a close loss in a highly competitive game with no injuries.